Cancer - ORAL- Squamous Cell Carcinoma are mostly lip and oral cavity, and may spread into deeper tissue. Also Fibrosarcoma growths in mouth area in a cat or dog.
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  • Detox from the past or present toxins.
  • Naturopathic information on nutritional, diet
  • Potent Herbal immune support.
  • For all species and ages.
Naturopathic Immune Support- Set of 8
1.  HAMPL CF (13 A-1) 200C 50ml
2.  HAMPL CF (13 A-2) 200C 50ml 
3.  HAMPL Systemic Detox  50ml 
4.  HAMPL Infection 13-4 50ml 
5.  Paw Paw Ointment & Clove Oil 3ml *Spray
6.  GoldBlack Paste (small jar)   *Topical
7.  HAMPL Bleed Repair 197  30ml 
8.  HAMPL Cancer Mix 50ml
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