Asthma Respiratory conditions COPD - chronic obstruction pulmonary disease in all species

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  • Symptoms of asthmatic breathing.
  • Feline Bronchitis, mucous, sinus, throat, eye
  • All species that seem to have congestion
  • Coughing attacks, more than just a cough.


Set of 5
1. HAMPL AsthmaLung 50ml
2. HAMPL LungOdema 50ml
3. HAMPL Herbal COPD 50ml
4. Liposomal Vitamin C 50ml
5. HAMPL Allergens 30ml
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My cat suffered from coughing and sneezing and nothing seemed to cure him
My cat suffered from coughing and sneezing and nothing seemed to cure him. So we tried AsthmaLung drops on the back of his neck. He has been diagnosed with Asthma and by frequently giving him these easy to apply drops his cough and now stopped and his sneezing has dramatically reduced. We had tried everything, thought he has cat flu, or sinus as he has a white discharge like a child would have when they can't blow their nose. But AsthmaLung drops cleared this all up this is an amazing and fantastic product. Initially when I first received it I gave him the drops on his neck every hour and by the third day, a massive improvement. So now we just give him the drops a few times a day to keep his sneezing in check. Such an improvement and my cat is 13 years old and I thought the worst, but great now thanks to HAMPL.
Excellent product!
Excellent product! I've developed asthma 10 years ago I had severe symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and tight chest, as soon as I had my first dose of the remedy the wheezing was gone and finally I've been able to sleep through the night. I'll definitely reorder the product as it had been of great help
My male cat Neru, is prone to occasional short-lived asthmatic episodes
My male cat Neru, is prone to occasional short-lived asthmatic episodes when exposed to neighbors fire place fumes, exhaust fumes, dust and various chemist odours (which I don't personally use in or outside my house). Thankfully he has not had any real episodes for a while. I have an asthma puffer with child's mask for him but hope not to need to use it, in preference to the 50ml bottle of Asthma /Lung drops only. He has had a few separate singular mild coughs over the last couple of months, but there was no repeat cough after the drops were administered. I will continue to test it out the Asthma/Lung drops for him, as a less distressing remedy than holding the ventolin mask/chamber over his nose and mouth.
Really helped
Really helped with breathing and sneezing and easy to adminster!
The HAMPL Asthma treatment is amazing!
The HAMPL Asthma treatment is amazing! I brought my cat, Midnite Man, to the vet after a night of coughing & severe chest congestion, they thought he might have pneumonia so took an x-ray and he was diagnosed with having Acute Asthma as well as an infection. The Vet put him on two weeks of antibiotics, bringing him every day for a full day of nebulizer treatments as well as a steroid shot every three days, which after the first one I declined the rest. Every time they said he was clear it would only last a day then he would start coughing with very labored breathing. So needed to try something else, so when I received the homeopathic remedies from HAMPL, I began treating him immediately & stopped visits to the vet. With JUST THREE treatments of the Asthma set he has been clear for two weeks now... like I said amazing!!!

5 Item(s)

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