Hematoma bleeds anywhere in body. e.g Ear Hematoma, or Hematuria (Blood in Urine), Internal bleeds, Rat Poison bleeds - all species and ages

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  • Internal bleeding. Hematomas.
  • Bait Poisoning - internal hemorrhaging.
  • Pre-Post Surgery - bleeding anywhere.
  • Emergency - car accident, fall, knife, bullet, head injury.

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HAMPL Bleed Repair 197 30ml (1oz)
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Definitely yes
It works!
Bought this to help with an ear hematoma caused by an overactive puppy. I found that it was readily accepted by my 11 year old dog and that the swelling and red inflamed look reduced consistently over a period of around 7-10 days.
As a result my vet was happy to let nature take its course and not intervene surgically or with drugs. It works!
extremely useful for dog fights
extremely useful for dog fights, bites and scratches, will try on ear hematoma cases when i have the chance
Working great
Working great - dog's ear swelling is diminishing!
Absolutely magic!
Absolutely magic! Enormous hematoma covering half my Bernese Mountain Dog's ear began shrinking within 24 hours and 2 weeks later is almost entirely gone. As always extremely happy with HAMPL's products and very happy to have avoided surgery for my girl.
I have purchased this to have on hand just in case
I have purchased this to have on hand just in case...we live in a rural area where a lot of rat bait is used and whilst we use an electronic rat zapper our neighbours don't...this causes us much concern. We have been using your products now for 3 years and cannot say enough about them THANK YOU !

5 Item(s)

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