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  1. Addison's Disease in Canines

    Code: AN162
    • This condition is an autoimmune disorder.
    • Affects the Adrenal gland and ACTH gland.
    • Muscle debility and weakness in pets.
    • Also depression, stomach discomfort.

    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL Addison 100ml (3.4oz)
    2. HAMPL Adrena 50ml (1.7oz)
    3. HAMPL Well Being 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $100.00
  2. Canine Cushing's Syndrome & Cushings Disease in your dog.

    Code: AN056
    • Rebalance the metabolic system
    • Supports & feeds the adrenal glands
    • Supporting nervous, endocrine system
    • Balance high cortisol production.


    Naturopathic Immune Support - Set of 3
    (one set will last several months)
    1. HAMPL Hyperadrenocorticism 50ml drops
    2. HAMPL Cushing's Herbs 100ml liquid
    3. HAMPL Relax Tonic 50ml liquid
    * On request we can add to this order or just order via email.  
    HAMPL Pituitary Adenoma (benign tumour) 50ml  ($30AUD)
    AUD $170.00
  3. Diabetes Mellitus type 11 & type 1 - cat or dog

    Code: AN074
    • Carbohydrate, metabolism, blood sugar balancing.
    • Diabetes can be successfully supported, naturally.
    • There is usually an emotional component of patient's health.
    • Balancing harmony between all the systems of the body.

    Set of 4
    1. HAMPL Diabetes  50ml (1.7oz)
    2. Emotional Balance - either (A), (B), (C), (D), (E)
    3. HAMPL Blood Sugar Balance 50ml (1.7oz)
    4. HAMPL Pancreas Tonic herbs 100ml 
    AUD $120.00
  4. Equine Cushing's Syndrome or Cushings Disease Naturopathic Immune Support

    Code: AN125
    • Feeds adrenal glands, gently & safely naturally.
    • A hormone balancer for equines
    • A natural Cushing's Disease or Syndrome in equines.
    • Endocrine balancer for equines

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL HyperAdrenocorticism 50ml (1.7oz)
    2. HAMPL Cushing's Herbs 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $130.00
  5. Goiter (enlarged thyroid, multi - or single nodular growths)

    Code: AN265
    • Simple & exophthalmic goitre, multi or single nodular.
    • Given 2 - 4 x daily results within 5 days.
    • Shelf life keeps well for several years or longer.
    • For all species & age, only one bottle is needed.
    Set of 1
    HAMPL ThyGoiter  50ml(1oz)
    AUD $30.00
  6. Hypothyroidism (low or borderline thyroid function) behaviour and physical disorders with your dog.

    Code: AN021
    • Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance - underactive thyroid.
    • Nervous system - mineral deficiencies
    • Dog showing "aberrant behavior".
    • Cats and dogs, more common in canines


    Set of 4
    1. HAMPL Hyro 21-1 50ml 
    2. HAMPL Calm Eze 21-2 30ml 
    3. HAMPL HerbHypo 21-3 100ml 
    4. ReMag Magnesium drops 30ml
    AUD $170.00
  7. Overweight (Thyroid Balancing) in dog, cat or other species.

    Code: AN166
    • Natural thyroid balancer that cause hunger.
    • Always hungry and wrong foods can cause overweight in pets
    • Non drug solution for all species and ages.
    • Emotional remedy also to assist balance and wellbeing.

    Set of 2
    1. Thyro Balance (OBE) 30ml (1oz)
    2. HAMPL Calm Eze 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $60.00
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