Cancer - Bladder Tumours - Naturopathic Immune formulas for all species and ages.

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  • For all species and ages.
  • Can be used with orthodox drugs same time.
  • Maintaining health from underlying causes.
  • Detoxing & support of toxic cells.


Naturopathic Immune Support - Set of 5
1.  HAMPL CF-1 (242) 200C 50ml DROPS
2.  HAMPL CF-2 (242) 200C 50ml DROPS
3.  HAMPL Systemic Detox  50ml LIQUID
4.  HAMPL Immune Mix 50ml LIQUID
5.  HAMPL Pain-Bleed 197 30ml
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Snickers live a happy life
My cocker spaniel Snickers just passed away earlier this month.

Originally, when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer we had the tumor removed, but after they biopsied the tumor, they said it was fast growing and they gave her approximately 3-6 months to live at most without chemotherapy. I did not want to put her through chemotherapy, so I used piroxicam from our vet and did some research on my own, finding this company and tried the bladder cancer set. I cannot say enough good things about it.

My Snickers lived another 2 1/2 years on this product as opposed to only 3-6 months that were given to her.

Not only did she live that long, but she was happy and seemingly healthy.

She played chasing her tennis ball in the field and still went for walks and still ate like a champ up until the very end. And though I was not ready to say goodbye (as I never would have been), I believe this place and it's bladder control products gave me two wonderful years longer with her and I cherished every moment of them.
I would recommend this to anyone who loves their dog and is facing bladder cancer.
Thank You Hampl:) Stephanie
My baby ( cat) of 16 years was diagnosed with Bladder cancer on June 3rd 2015.
My baby ( cat) of 16 years was diagnosed with Bladder cancer on June 3rd 2015.
His Tumor is covering 40% of his bladder. His prognosis was not very good. A couple weeks at most. I saw him decline rapidly in health. Lethargic, in pain, peeing small amounts very often. Not wanting to exercise, do his favorite things. Ie. Walk outside. He wanted only to sleep. It was very sad to watch. We got to a point where we thought we had to put him down last week.
BUT... I swear A miracle has happened. I have been giving him his daily doses of the HAMPL bladder cancer you sent me.... He's eating. He's happy, perky, He's energetic and does not seem to be in pain. This change happened three days ago after a week and a half of taking the bladder cancer homeopathic medication. I really truly believe my fur baby is at this point because of your product. I am so grateful and now hopeful Thank you!.
My dog Snickers, a sweet cocker spaniel, has been using the Bladder Cancer Set
My dog Snickers, a sweet cocker spaniel, has been using the HAMPL Bladder Cancer Set as she has bladder cancer. When diagnosed in early March of 2014, the tumor was removed. However, they told me the tumour will grow back and suggest chemo as well, even if given chemotherapy, we were really only buying another 3-6 month of life.

It is a little past ten months now and never had any chemotherapy, she is only on the HAMPL Bladder cancer treatments. She is doing very well, she is happy, and runs and plays, has not been sick one day and most importantly, is still with us today.

She is still going to the bathroom without effort.

I can only speak from my own experience, but I think this cancer set has helped her to be here as long as she already has. I only hope we have alot more time to come with her.
Porscha is doing well on HAMPL Bladder Cancer formulas.
Porscha is doing well on HAMPL Bladder Cancer formulas. What you have done to help Porscha, I think that you will be able to help me and my family get out of this sickness with your homeopathy remedies. We all tried shots and conventional medicines but they worked at the beginning only, after a while they are not efficient any more.
Thnak you, Khanh Bui Pho, USA

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