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  1. Abscess, Cheesygland, Pigeon fever, Gangrene, Anti-tetanus, Salivary cysts, Interdigital furunculosis (cysts), Eye - Tear duct gland (overflowing) or Swelling of the lachrymal (blockage).

    Code: AN016
    • Bone infections, wound clearing, deep pyodermas, pasteurella.
    • Teeth, gum, face, ear, bone, grass seeds, cheesy gland, blocked tear gland.
    • Works on any part of the body, stops infection spreading.
    • Try this before considering surgery, as this drains and stop infection.

    Set of 1
    1. HAMPL DrawOut 16 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  2. Acute Inflammation muscle pain a homeopathic formula - all species

    Code: AN255
    • Acute inflammation from injury of muscles.
    • Often seen in all animal species and ages.
    • Use only when needed for a short period.
    • Chronic inflammation see Herbal Anti-Inflam 264 mix.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Inflam 255  30ml(1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  3. Allergy - allergies (to epidermal & Inhalants - mixed feathers, cat & dog fur dander, house dust, tobacco smoke, perfume, formaldehyde fumes, carbon monoxide )

    Code: AN060
    • Inhalant, epidermal allergy reaction.
    • For all species who sneeze, itchy nose
    • Great for all species and age.
    • Use in conjunction with (AN091) Asthma Lung drops

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Allergy Immune 60  30ml (1oz)
    AUD $12.00
  4. Anal gland - infection abscess and ulcerations, blockage, or just irritation in anal glands for all species

    Code: AN009
    • Regular bowel movements for your pet.
    • Anal Glands blocked, abscess, infection.
    • Often seen in canines, than cats.
    • Chronic or acute inflammation.

    Set of 2
    1. AnalGl 9-1 30ml (1oz)
    2. Chia Seeds 100gm packet
    AUD $42.00
  5. Anti-inflammatory, Pain-relief herbal formula (non drug alternative) - all species

    Code: AN264
    • Pain and inflammation relief immediately.
    • 20 drops to 1/4 cup of moisture cream apply topically.
    • Canine masticatory muscle myositis etc
    • Non-addictive, gentle, fast acting and safe.


    Set of 1
    HAMPL Herbal Anti-inflammatory 50ml (1.7oz)
    Larger bottles are available
    AUD $55.00
  6. Arthritis, Rheumatism, Septic inflammations, Joint Pain, Dislocation all species

    Code: AN086
    • Arthritis, cracking or rheumatism conditions.
    • Easy dislocation or Osteoarthritis.
    • Small joints: Refer to: Foot Ankle Rheumatism (AN238)
    • Underlying Septic inflammation in joints.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL ArthroRheuma 086  50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  7. Babesia infection (affects blood, liver and kidney) in all species.

    Code: AN037 (B)
    • Babesiosis infection in pets.
    • Hemolytic Anemia in pets.
    • For all species and ages.
    • Acute or chronic liver inflammation.

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Hepatitis 37-1 formula 30ml 
    2. HAMPL Babesia Herbs 37-2 (B)  50ml
    AUD $80.00
  8. Bee or Wasp Sting (allergy) or Bites - Redback, White Widow spiders, Scorpion or Snake bite (infection acute reactions or toxic spiders, venomous bites)

    Code: AN069
    • Immunity against acute allergy reaction.
    • Acute allergy pain and swelling.
    • What to do Scorpion bite, Redback spider home remedy.
    • Bee sting, spider, insect, wasp, tick bites, Qld Itch.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Sting n Bite 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  9. Behaviour - Chewing or chasing tail, leg or backend.

    Code: AN231
    • Attacking- bite, back end, tail.
    • Natural skin repair cream.
    • Emotional support formula that helps the anxiety issues.
    • Nerve, calm, no need for surgery.

    Set of 5
    1. HAMPL Inflam231-1 30ml (1oz)
    2. HAMPL Nerves 231-2 50ml(1.7oz)
    3. HAMPL Vacc Detox231-3 30ml (1oz)
    4. HAMPL Hypcal Cream 60ml Jar
    5. HAMPL Agitite231-5 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $120.00
  10. Behaviour - cognitive (CDS), confusion, restless, dementia & alzheimer, brain damage.

    Code: AN262
    • Chronic or acute cognitive dysfunction syndrome.
    • Old age issues for your dog, cat or any other species.
    • Restless at night, confusion, standing head to wall etc.
    • Similar symptoms to humans with alzheimer's & dementia

    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL Cognitive Herbal262-1 100ml (3.4oz)
    2. HAMPL Cognitive 262-2 30ml (1.oz)
    3. HAMPL Relax 262-3 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $120.00
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