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  1. Allergy - to epidermal & Inhalants -mixed feathers, house dust mites, cat & dog fur dander, tobacco smoke, perfume, formaldehyde fumes, carbon monoxide, pesticides, insecticides.

    Code: AN060
    • Inhalant, epidermal allergy reaction.
    • For all species who sneeze, itchy nose
    • Great for all species and age.
    • Use in conjunction with (AN091) Asthma Lung drops

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Allergy Immune 60  30ml (1oz)
    AUD $12.00
  2. Asthma Respiratory conditions COPD - chronic obstruction pulmonary disease in all species

    Code: AN091
    • Symptoms of asthmatic breathing.
    • Feline Bronchitis, mucous, sinus, throat, eye
    • All species that seem to have congestion
    • Coughing attacks, more than just a cough.

    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL AsthmaLung 50ml
    2. HAMPL LungOdema 50ml
    3. HAMPL Herbal COPD 50ml
    AUD $111.00
  3. Cancer - Lung Adenocarcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma - Clinical Naturopathic formulas for all species

    Code: AN025
    • Safe, gentle therapy formulas.
    • There is a lot you can do, safely.
    • Herbal Immune and detox support
    • For all species and ages.

    Naturopathic Immune Support - Set of 4 
    1.  HAMPL CF  (25-1) 200C 50ml drops
    2.  HAMPL CF (25-2) 200C 50ml drops
    3.  HAMPL Systemic Detox 50ml liquid
    4.  HAMPL Cancer Mix 50ml liquid
    AUD $160.00
  4. Cryptococcosis - Cryptococcal, Mucormycosis fungal (meningitis brain, lung, nose, mouth, bone) cat, dog all species (SOLUTION)

    Code: AN211
    • Non-drug Health Support Cryptococcosis fungal infection.
    • Works on any gut bacteria imbalances and infections.
    • Cryptococcal meningitis, Mucormycosis fungal infection
    • Immune building against this specific fungal infection.


    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL Cryptococcosis 30ml (1.oz)
    2. HAMPL Internal Fungal  50ml (1.7oz) *herbs
    3. HAMPL Sinus 27-1 30ml (1.oz)
    If needed also request  * HAMPL Fe-Seizure 8-1 30ml
    AUD $109.00
  5. Equine Crofton Weed Poisoning (Respiratory damages)

    Code: AN258
    • For all size and ages equines or other animals affected.
    • Crofton Weed poisoning natural solution.
    • Start as soon as possible for optimum outcome.
    • Give 2 TBS of Vit C in water ORAL syringe four times a day.

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Fast Aid 50ml (1.7oz)
    2. HAMPL Repair Tonic 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $89.00
  6. Equine Flu (influenza virus) homeopathic remedy

    Code: AN144
    • Fast acting for influenza in equines (or farm pets)
    • Suitable for all ages.
    • Easy dosing mix into water trough for protection & assist.
    • Fast result if given on body frequently for the first 4 days

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Equine Flu 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  7. Fluid in Lungs, Chest Cavity (DuraAid) e.g. Chylothorax in cat or dog. A natural alternative to Furosemide, but with none of the potential side effects.

    Code: AN023
    • Lung congestion, fluid build up, dropsy, chylothorax.
    • Natural homeopathic diuretic (DuraAid) all species.
    • Does not drain potassium from the body, unlike Lasix.
    • Can be a substitute for the Lasix drug, natural alternative.

    Set of 1
    1. HAMPL DuraAid 23  50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  8. Gagging -Cough, Cough-choking, Gagging-vomit, Wet Cough - lung congestion, Cat purring then gags chokes .. often from Feline Respiratory conditions.

    Code: AN129
    • Lung or congestion of the bronchial tract.
    • Mucous congestion is often seen or experienced.
    • For all animal species and age.
    • Cough gagging and emphysema lung congestion

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Cough Gagging 30ml(1oz)
    2. HAMPL Herbal Lung 112-3 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $85.00
  9. Herbal Congestion - viral, bacterial infection (bronchitis, cold, flu, mucous congestion) for all species

    Code: AN250
    • For all species and ages.
    • Also excellent for mucous congestion and bronchitis
    • The herbs work on bacteria infections, Vitamin C for viral.
    • Trachea breathing issues, past unresolved pneumonia.


    Set of 2
    1, HAMPL Herbal Congestion 250  50ml
    2, Liposomal Vitamin C
    AUD $77.00
  10. Nasal or Throat obstruction (from polyps in the nasal passage, vocal cord, or throat and infections, enlargement of adenoids-tonsil, nasal papillomas or nasopharyngeal benign growth-inverted papilloma, or chondroid)

    Code: AN062
    • Nose and throat infections, inflammations. 
    • Respiratory Infections, or Asthma-related.
    • For fungal infection *See AN027(B) Sinus Fungal.
    • For all species and ages


    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL Nasal Blockages 62-1 50ml
    2. HAMPL Inflammation-Allergies 50ml
    3. HAMPL Immune Infection 50ml

    AUD $121.00
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