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  1. Abscess, Cheesygland, Pigeon fever, Gangrene, Anti-tetanus, Salivary cysts, Interdigital furunculosis (cysts), Eye - Tear duct gland (overflowing) or Swelling of the lachrymal (blockage).

    Code: AN016
    • Bone infections, wound clearing, deep pyodermas, pasteurella.
    • Teeth, gum, face, ear, bone, grass seeds, cheesy gland, blocked tear gland.
    • Works on any part of the body, stops infection spreading.
    • Try this before considering surgery, as this drains and stop infection.

    Set of 1
    1. HAMPL DrawOut 16 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  2. Animal First Aid Kit - for all species and ages

    Code: AN195
    • Contain fifteen natural medicines that may assist first aid.
    • Use for all animal species and ages.
    • Example, may assist as a anti- hemorrhage fast action.
    • Add drops to water trough, food for stock, feral or wildlife

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Homeopathic First Aid Kit (15 Vials)
    AUD $120.00
  3. Bee or Wasp Sting (allergy) or Bites - Redback, White Widow spiders, Scorpion or Snake bite (infection acute reactions or toxic spiders, venomous bites)

    Code: AN069
    • Immunity against acute allergy reaction.
    • Acute allergy pain and swelling.
    • What to do Scorpion bite, Redback spider home remedy.
    • Bee sting, spider, insect, wasp, tick bites, Qld Itch.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Sting n Bite 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  4. Bloat - Gut Intestinal distortion- twisted, Rabbit (GI Stasis) all species

    Code: AN136
    • Prevent or Relief for Rabbit GastroIntestinal (GI Stasis)
    • Emergency - Fast effective results of intestinal gastric bloat.
    • Prevention of Bloat. Add drops to water bowl once a week.
    • Cows, Goats, Canines, Rabbit etc - for all species

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Acute Intestinal Bloat 30ml(1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  5. Bone - broken, compound fractures, hairline fractures, bone growth support, bone Inflammation (panosteitis), bone density, broken jaw, pain.

    Code: AN087
    • Broken bones - fractures, Bone Inflammation (Panosteitis) 
    • Osteomyelitis bone infections, septic arthritis, bone cancer
    • Young dogs that grow too quickly causing bone irregularities
    • Calcium absorption, balancing, bone spur. Refer to formula: AN220

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Bone Repair 87  30ml (1oz)
    AUD $30.00
  6. Bot Fly in Equines or other farm animals.

    Code: AN154
    • Assist in immunity to bites of the flies and egg laying.
    • Stir in drops to water trough or bowl once a week.
    • More calmer less stressed animal.
    • Fear, stress, or depression are all part of a animals life.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Bot Fly  30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  7. Cancer - Bone Cancer (osteosarcoma) spindle cell tumours in pets.

    Code: AN206
    • Support the whole system, immunity, and health.
    • Draws out toxic cells from the site, naturally.
    • Liver detox and liver regenerative of cells.
    • Bone support formula for all species.

    Naturopathic Immune Treatment - Set of 8
    1.  HAMPL CF (206-1) 200C  50ml 
    2.  HAMPL CF (206-2) 200C 50ml 
    3.  Systemic Detox  50ml Liquid  
    4.  HAMPL Bone Infection Pain  50ml 
    5.  Topical Paste (small jar) 
    6.  Paw Paw Ointment, Clove OIl 2ml 
    7.  Bleed-Pain 197 30ml(1oz) 
    8.  HAMPL Cancer Mix 50ml 
    AUD $205.00
  8. Cancer - Melanoma - type of skin cancer in all species - natural medicines

    Code: AN191
    • Melanoma skin cancer anywhere on the body.
    • Regress & bleeding for all SKIN TYPE cancers.
    • Ulcerations, infection are common with these lesions
    • All animal species and ages

    Naturopathic Immune Treatment - Set of 7
    1. CF (191-2) 200C  50ml  
    2. CF (191-2) 200C  50ml 
    3. BloodRoot Salve (small jar)  * Topical
    4. Paw Paw Ointment & Clove Oil 2ml *Topical
    5. Bleed-Pain 197 30ml liquid
    6.Systemic Detox 50ml liquid
    7. HAMPL Cancer Mix 50ml
    AUD $200.00
  9. Colic - Acute or Chronic stomach pain, twisted Intestines, gas - all species

    Code: AN084
    • Acute emergency or chronic internal cramping and pain.
    • Suitable for all species and ages with gastrointestinal pain
    • Aids digestion, stomach, small intestine and colon areas.
    • Emergency acute distorted gut.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Colic Action 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  10. Diarrhea (also spelled diarrhoea) - scouring, loose stools, pig porcine PEDV, Clostridium Perfringens.

    Code: AN082
    • "Acute" or "chronic" scouring solution. e.g PEDV
    • "Acute" or "chronic" diarrhoea (from Clostridium Perfringens)
    • Easy use for puppies, kittens, cat, dog, birds, farm animals
    • Slippery elm in the water "immediately" instant results.


    Set of 1
    HAMPL Diarrhea 82 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
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