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  1. Joint - Inflammation in dog, cow, cat, horse - all species. e.g carpitis in equines (carpal - knee strain and damages)

    Code: AN143
    • Inflammation & damages of the knee.
    • Racehorse commonly needs this formula.
    • Acute or chronic joint, bone, fibrous, ligament etc.
    • Traumatic damages of the synovitis & capsulitis

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Carpitis 143 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  2. Pain Eze - Homeopathic remedy to help ease any type of pain e.g from general inflammation, fever, or post surgery, and injuries for all species.

    Code: AN032
    • Pain in body. i.e. fever, glands infected.
    • After any type of surgery, tooth extractions, shingles.
    • For all species and ages.
    • Apply on body every 5 mins for 5 to 8 times a day.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL PainEz 32 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  3. Sciatica Nerve or Nerve damage (acute or chronic pain) all species

    Code: AN158
    • Non drug remedy for all species and age.
    • Acute symptoms or chronic symptoms of sciatica nerve pain.
    • Nerve pain, muscle spasms & joint swelling, sciatica nosode.
    • For all species and ages.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Sciatica Repair 158 30ml (1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  4. Severe acute Injury - e.g hit by a car, other severe injuries - Internal damages... bladder paralysis, bowel prolapse, broken bone, nerve damages, concussion-bleeds to brain (prevention-solution)

    Code: AN169
    • Bladder, intestinal, or rectum prolapse, paralysis etc
    • Bone fractures, dislocation, disc, spine, hip, concussion,
    • Nerve damages, shock, pain relief, infection, bleeding.
    • No need for tail amputation if you use these remedies.


    Set of 6
    1. HAMPL Internal Repair 169-1  50ml
    2. HAMPL Bone-Joint-Muscle Repair 50ml 
    3. HAMPL Nerve Damage~Disc Repair 169-3 50ml
    4. HAMPL Infection Fighter 71 50ml  
    5. HAMPL Concussion- internal bleeds 30ml
    6. HAMPL Pain Eze 30ml drops
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    AUD $199.00
  5. Skeletal Health (e.g. Oxalate Pasture, Osteochondrodysplasia) in all species.

    Code: AN085
    • Equines with Calcium imbalabce i.e. Oxalate Pasture.
    • Calcium issues and imbalances and general prevention.
    • Refer to: Healthy Structures for issues of discomfort.
    • If needed also use Anti Inflammatory herbs.


    Set of 1
    HAMPL Skeletal 85 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  6. Small Joint - ankle, foot arthritis... i.e. cow, dog, sheep, bulls, bull terriers, staffies, rottweilers.

    Code: AN238
    • Foot, ankle & knee weakness is often missed as hip issues.
    • Short leg & stocky animals need this remedy
    • Sheep, bulls, cows, solid type canines, horses etc
    • Try it and see the difference.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Small Joint 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  7. Snake Bite Anti-doting and Vitamin C dosing protocol (for ALL species) e.g Rattlesnake, Copperheads all other toxic snakes worldwide.

    Code: AN222
    • A natural (non toxic) antidote used for your animal.
    • Snake venom and insect poisons and thus as a prophylactic
    • Dosage instructions and use Vitamin C, oral or injectable.
    • For all species and for any type of snake venom bites.


    Set of 3
    1. HAMPL Poison Detox 30ml (1oz)
    2. Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) 100gm
    3. HAMPL "Rescue Blend" 30ml (1oz)
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    AUD $59.00
  8. Spasms (CECS, muscle spasm from injuries) all species

    Code: AN267 (A)
    • Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS -formerly Spike's)
    • Acute spasms colitis, angina muscle cramping.
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, disc Inflammation, spine issues.
    • For all species and age.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Spasms Release 30ml(1oz)
    AUD $27.00
  9. Stones - bladder stones, kidneys stones, gallbladder stones (calcium oxalate or phosphate stones etc) with liver support for all species

    Code: AN224
    • Help in dissolving bladder or kidney "stones"
    • Herbal and homoepathic formula for all species
    • Kidney or Bladder - Calcium oxalate, Calcium phosphate stones
    • Acute spasms and cramping pain.


    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Stone Detox 50ml (1.7oz)
    2. HAMPL Herba Stone 100ml (3.4oz)
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    AUD $129.00
  10. Tears and Damages - Ligament, Tendon, Patella, Crucial Ligament Tears and Damages (CCI, ACI) - repair and heal and strengthen (prevent surgery) or after surgery still having issues.

    Code: AN090
    • Luxating Patella, Locking Patella, Windgall in Equines.
    • Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) Ruptures. Option to surgery.
    • Severely ruptured (torn) ACL anterior cruciate ligament.
    • Connective tissue, muscle, tendon, cartilage, flexor tendons

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Tear Repair 90 50ml(1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
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