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  1. Bladder & Bowel Spasm Stricture, Paralysis.

    Code: AN263
    • Use after any urethral surgery from blockage issues.
    • Helps to also dissolve scar tissue build up.
    • Aid bladder repair and function, bladder spasms, paralysis.
    • Alternative to surgery Perineal Urethrostomy in male cats.

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Internal Repair 263-150ml (1.7oz)
    2. HAMPL Scar Tissue 50ml(1.7oz)
    AUD $60.00
  2. Bladder - Acute blockage -urethral obstruction, Urethritis - inflammation of the urethra, FLUTD - from struvite crystals, damages - bladder paralysis, polyps - cat or dog - all other species

    Code: AN015
    • Refer to: (AN224) Stones kidney - bladder "calcium oxalate" stone
    • Bladder blockages, stricture, paralysis. Bladder Polyps.
    • Manx syndrome in felines - bladder or bowel dysfunction.
    • Help Maintain Kidneys, Bladder, Urethral or Prostate Health.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL BladderClear 15 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $30.00
  3. Stones - bladder stones, kidneys stones, gallbladder stones (calcium oxalate or phosphate stones etc) all species

    Code: AN224
    • Help in dissolving bladder or kidney "stones"
    • Herbal and homoepathic formula for all species
    • Kidney or Bladder - Calcium oxalate, Calcium phosphate stones
    • Acute spasms and cramping pain.

    Set of 2
    1. HAMPL Stone Detox 50ml (1.7oz)
    2. HAMPL Herba Stone 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $110.00
  4. Trinkle Balance - herbal formula for bladder incontinence

    Code: AN233
    • pH acidic balancing within the system.
    • All species can use this, drops added to meals.
    • Maintaining of bladder health in Canines.
    • Herbs more suitable for canines, but can use with felines

    Set of 1
    HAMPL Trinkle Balance 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $99.00
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