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  1. CANINE Heartworm - a non chemical effective & proven potent (HERBAL MEDICINES) Natural Solution (small - medium to large dogs)

    Code: AN177
    • Heartworm positive dog.
    • Maintaining Health from Heartworm in dogs.
    • All ages and conditions can maintain health naturally.
    • Other option is the "homeopathic" HAMPL HeartWorm 293 

    Set of 1
    HAMPL HeartWorm Free177  200ml
    (herbal medicine formula)
    AUD $99.00
  2. Colloidal Silver Liquid 200ml

    Code: AN127
    • Natural mild antibiotic. Add to water bowl for prevention.
    • Use to wipe eyes if conjunctivitis.
    • Kittens with Chlamydia virus - Eye infection.
    • For all animals and age.

    Set of 1
    Colloidal Silver liquid  200ml 
    AUD $23.00
  3. Equine Emergency Homeopathic Kit

    Code: AN244
    • 10ml dram homeopathic bottles for horses.
    • 26 homeopathic remedies in total to apply when needed.
    • Herbal Antibiotics, Lyme & Tick prevention, Rye Grass toxicities.
    • Bach flowers Rescue Remedy - for shock release, trauma.


    Kit with 12 Formulas
    HAMPL Horse Homeopathic emergency kit
    * To reorder single remedies after first purchase login to your account to order history.
    AUD $130.00
  4. Equine Wormer (herbal vermifuges & vermicides) e.g. encysted (enclosed cyst) strongyles - causing Parasitic Colitis in Equines

    Code: AN050
    • Herbs and homeopathic intestinal health for Equine.
    • Natural and safe alternative to the toxic worming drugs.
    • All ages and size horse can be safely supported, naturally.
    • One bottle will do many horses.

    Set of 1
    HAMPL EquinePara 50 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $99.00
  5. HerbaWorm - Canine Intestinal Worming herbal drops has strong taste so we hid it in a piece of food. A complimentary HeartWorm formula included (prevention).

    Code: AN225
    • A strong herbal intestinal cleanser.
    • With the Heart Worm PROTECTION drops.
    • For all ages and size canines.
    • For felines use "HAMPL ParaExpel 49 homeopathic wormer.

      Set of 2
      1. HAMPL HerbaWorm 225 100ml
      2. HAMPL HEARTWORM 293 drops (homeopathic) * Complimentary
      * To reorder single remedies after first purchase login to your account to order history.
    AUD $99.00
  6. ParaExpel - Wormer (HOMEOPATHIC) e.g. Nematodes (lungworm and spirocerca lupi others), Intestinal worms - protozoan - microscopic parasite T.foetus, Campylobacter Bacteria. For cat, dog, kitten, puppy, chook, rabbits, birds.

    Code: AN049
    • All pets need an Intestinal parasitic cleanse.
    • Guinea Pig, chook, rabbit, bird, sheep, goat etc
    • Toxoplasma, Babesia, Lungworm, Trypanosomiasis infection
    • Protozoan - microscopic parasite Tritrichomonas foetus (T.foetus).


    Set of 1
    HAMPL ParaExpel 49 50ml (1.7oz)
    AUD $31.00
  7. SupaOxy liquid supplement

    Code: AN194
    • Excellent benefits for both humans and animals.
    • Use for flu, colds, Feline Aids, infections & inflammations.
    • Oxygen supplement rids toxins from body
    • Very effective anti-viral treatment as well.

    Set of 1
    Supa Oxy liquid 100ml (3.4oz)
    AUD $20.00
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