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Home Pet Remedies

Healing with homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that we use for humans, many of these are also safe and effective for all species and ages.

Homeopathy is a holistic way to treat syndromes illnesses by the stimulation of the body’s own healing responses. 

They are prepared from natural substances; plant, mineral, and animal. the use of micro-doses ( highly diluted substances) guarantees the absence of toxicity, side effects, and detection during drug tests.

Healing with Homeopathy works higher than physical vibration and reaches the non-physical bodies, heals the disease where the blueprint energy vibration is disrupted, and the physical level healing follows from the vibrational change and rebalancing.

Available are Canine & Feline Immunization Certificate Included.  
Recommended Boarding Kennel list if you live in Australia


Chewing Plaster

Dogs that eat or chew plaster have a deficiency in ‘magnesium’ – a natural form of these minerals is dolomite powder, which has both these minerals in it.  Or add 10 drops of the ReMyte Mineral liquid 240ml.  For large canine.  Or add 5 drops for pups or smaller dog.  Can add to water dish and meals until symptoms go.  Is a good idea to continue adding to meals long term for optimum health.

Fur Balls

Feeding a good natural diet will deter this problem as they will shed less fur and their digestive system will have acids for lubricating. Cats need to have a more acid system compared to humans or canines.  This is why they need to eat raw red meat, as this is acidic food. To help a cat straight away use the Homeopathic Remedy for HAMPL Fur Balls.

Tooth Plaque prevention & removal.

Once again, feeding your pets with a preservative-free and RAW meat diet helps prevent plaque. The sugars that are added to the commercial foods actually cause the plaque bacteria. When sugar is combined it will form the hard plaque, which forms an acid and it is the acid that eventually causes the decay.

Middle Ear Infections

Available are Herbal Ear 0 Drops for (Ear Canal application) and Homeopathic Ear Infection Drops (given on body)

* First sign of infection or pain use homeopathic Aconite 10M for pain and inflammation – apply homeopathic drops on top of pets head is fine, use until signs of acuteness disappear.  Repeat every 5 mins for 3 repeats in total will usually be sufficient to reduce pain. f infection is at a later stage see homeopathic further down. Or if the ear canal has been damaged (perferated ear drum) which has been associated with using the chemical troys ear mite ear drops.  Some people use an herbal antibiotic as well, adding to meals and as ear drops. (HAMPL Infection Fighter 71 50ml)

Wax Build up

Olive Oil – 25 ml, Vitamin E 400IU, Almond Oil – 10ml  (warm Oil) 
Mix and use daily until the discharge is gone. Soak a cotton ball or use an eye dropper and gently soak into the ear canal of cat or dog’s ear. Gently massage, then let pet shake their head.

For older cats that have a build up of dirt, or is waxy and itchy, can use the homeopathic drops Sepia 30C, dosing daily until symptoms go.
In order to completely heal the ear canal and stay free from re-infection or mites, the animal needs to be put on a good nutritional diet.  The animal will not be as susceptible any more if it is given a diet containing essential vitamins and minerals, to maintain top health.

Natural – Mosquito, Flea, Tick Repellant Dog & Cats

FLEA Dog WASH – Add 40 to 60 drops of Eucalyptus Oil to soapy washing water and wash a dog – reputedly rids fleas.

FLEA Dog WASH – Use a neem oil soap.

To stop the cycle of eggs (usually in carpets) ….. Sprinkle Borax Powder over carpet areas in the house, plus the dog and cat beds. Shake out and vacuum carpets within a few minutes of coating carpet. Put some Borax in the vacuum bag also. Repeat as often as needed to stop eggs fleas.

DAILY PROTECTION FOR DOGS – Add 5ml of Neem Oil diluted into 500mls of water, use in a spray bottle for daily treatment or protection of TICKS/FLEAS/MOSQUITOS.

Dry Skin Condition – (Dog)

Add a teaspoon of olive oil to food once a day until the skin condition is relieved, then use the Optimum Oil mixture supplement. (Cod Liver Oil & Safflower Oil – Mixture )

Eczema Healing & Flea Repellent – (Dog Wash)

Thinly slice a whole lemon, including the peel. Add it to 1 pint of near-boiling water and let steep overnight. The next day, sponge the solution onto the animal’s skin & let it dry. Also a FLEA and mosquito repellent Avon’s SSS Oil used in a final water rinse. Neem Oil liquid (add 5ml to spray bottle or to your pet’s shampoo) is an excellent form of healing of eczema and mange in dogs.

Skin Allergies

Are actually signs of zinc deficiencies.  Buy the Zinc Picolinate 10mg Capsule, open cap and add the powder and mix into daily meals. Elderly cats and dogs benefit from this mineral in their daily regular meals, along with digestive enzyme powder.  Change diets to an all natural preservative-free one. That means no more commercial dog biscuits or in foods. The less toxic chemicals and drugs the healthier your pet will stay. Many Dogs are allergic to the foods (commercial)     
* Also avoid pasta, rice, carrots, yeast, corn, wheat, beef, oats. These are some of the more common food allergens. (All commercial foods have wheat, corn, and preserves, poor quality artificial meat, and flavorings). 
Avoid over – vaccinations.  Many USA Holistic Vets, believe 90% of skin allergies are brought on from the first vaccination ever given, as it only takes one vaccine.
All dogs should have a Titre test done, to see if they actually need vaccination.  are new inexpensive antibody testing your vet can use which takes 21 minutes to process at his clinic.  Push your vet to have this testing kit available.

~ If the pet has a musky odor with itching and red, then it could be a fungal skin infection, try riding this with a BiCarb soda skin rinse. Add 1/4 cup to a bucket of water and spray on skin or over the body, don’t rinse off.  Medium size dog:  Add a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to meals to help internally.Large dog: add 1 tablespoon of ACV.

Coat Conditioner for Dogs (only)

( Rosemary herb helps repel fleas & conditions coat )
1 teaspoon dried Rosemary leaves (or 1 tablespoon of fresh herb) Bring to the boil 1 pint of water. Combine & steep for 10 minutes, covered. Strain & cool to body temperature. Pour it over your dog as a final rinse. Rub in and towel dry without further rinsing.