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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I add vitamin tablets wrapped in a piece of meat and feed them this way?

Answer: Remember that a dog has a very short intestinal tract - unlike us humans. Keeping this in mind we then need to make sure the animal gets to absorb the vitamins (i.e. ester C tab) they are better given crushed or in powder form - for full and better utilization before it comes out the other end. Many people say they see the capsule or tab still whole or half dissolved in the stool.


Question: What about the fish oil gel caps. Do you think those are getting digested before they make it out the other end?

Answer: Once again, we always suggest that the cap be pieced and the oil be added to food or orally. The protective gel caps have a hard casing around it and does take some breaking down. In nearly all my tests done on animals, they are always got some impaired digestive weakness, making them chronically weaker because they have not be able to absorb the good nutrition we maybe giving them, some do have malabsorption syndrome indicated in the test. So it is to me, a big thing, to help our pets with their diet and poor absorption weakness. Nearly all animals have at one time have had to go on digestive enzymes tabs(crushed) so they can be assisted in getting the nutrition through their stomach before going out the other end. And to regain good health as well. I see many pet guardians who spend hundreds of dollars on supplements for their pets, and to still come to me with still chronically unwell or poor pet health. Only to find when when we do a test - most often the major problem is that the nutrition is going through their system without ever breaking down and the dog getting any of it. .. cooked food and meat is meant to destroy digestive enzymes. This is why we always say pets with cancer or other serious illness MUST been taking enzymes, as it is so important to get that nutrition into the body to help fight disease and weak immunity system in general.


Question: Someone told me about the product "The Missing Link", should I give my dog this product?

Answer: The powder called "Missing Link" supplement has really be designed for supplementing "artificial" commercial foods that come off the shelf in plastic or containers. Due to the many nutritional value that is missing or do not exist at all. As artifical commercial foods are heat processed and once heated over 40% all nutrition that had been added is completly destroyed. When your pet is on a real (homeprepared raw meat) food, we add fresh veggies and an organic multi vitamin supplement and organic essential fatty acids oils, which is much cheaper to combine these from the health store. They are also available to be absorbed and utilised within the body as none of the food has been heat processed or cooked. Not only is this an advantage, but the food we are providing is good quality red meat that you and I would and could eat.


Question: My dog "Mac" also has been diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy. He has 130mg of Phenobarb twice daily. Can we go natural instead of using this toxic type of a drug. And how do we go about it?

Answer: The natural medicines for any conditions where the pet is still o drugs, it is safe to start the natural treatment at the same time. Some times because of the harsh side affects on these animals many people have reduced or stopped medication already, but either way you can start healing and repairing your animal now. Our medicines do not suppress or control the disease or condition. Rather we heal and re-balance the whole body, both physically and emotionally. As a result you will find drugs can be reduced to nil, as the original cause for seizures or other conditions have been corrected. We also sell the natural seizure treatment to holistic vets.


Question: Why is there some tooth decay in my animal when I have followed a natural diet?

Answer: There are two major reasons why tooth decay occurs in animals and these are use of commercial foods and vaccination. If you have been feeding a good quality home diet using raw meat and tooth decay still occurs, it is likely because your animal has been vaccinated in the past. It is one of the side effects of vaccination that there will be decay with even the best of foods. Reference: from clinic observation by USA Dr.Pitcairn. Dr.Pitcairn aggress that the type of decay is peculiar to vaccine influence, that is that it occurs at the juncture of the gums and the teeth, what are called "neck lesions." Though there can be other places affected and even looseness of the teeth as part of this syndrome, it is the presence of these "neck lesions" which tell Vets that the vaccines are responsible. Of course they will not tell you this. In these cases, the only solution, in terms of long term prevention of recurrence of the problem, is to give homeopathic treatment to that animal. The vaccines in some will cause a permanent distortion of health, one that cannot be corrected by diet alone.


Question: Mac's pancreatitis has been under control with our use of Viokase which we have used for over 2 years. This product is no longer available (finished last tablets last night) For this reason we were looking for a replacement & also a new approach to his care I have read the literature you have forwarded and feel that as Mac's pancreatitis is controlled he would commence on the prevention bottle and we would only use the acute if he any problem with a change of medication & "new diet" (started last night - is this correct thinking? As we have to plan for our next order & I can see that "prevention" will last about 6 weeks & "acute" won't be used as often so is it possible to purchase "prevention" only with next order We feed Mac twice a day & we would like to use dry food - Would SuperCoat (Lite & Mature) be ok to use it's claim is all natural midday & roo etc at night. Could you please let me know if this is ok?

Answer: Using natural remedies, we are not providing a control or suppression of illness or disease. Rather we are correcting and healing the condition and with selected remedies according to the symptoms - not the diseases. We have over 4,000 healing medicines, we choose through symptoms - i.e... Cures like cures in homeopathic theory. In this case and others we know the remedies that have a good healing affect so we offer them without the need for an individual consult. Occasionally the desired healing result is not complete, so in this case we do a consultation to get the animals symptoms and find the matching remedy. What I am trying to explain is that, once you start using the pancreatic prevention and proper diet, the need for the remedy becomes less. Then we have found that their is no need for the prevention pills. And occasionally the dog will still be sensitive to foods, so you give the acute or preventive when you see them in discomfort - mild is usually seen. But you must remember they will always have a digestive weakness to some degree. So even though they might tolerate foods better as they become well again, they are still open for a reaction if they get fatty foods or foods that don't agree with them. Re; natural food to artificial food is the main back bone to good health and disease free. ...Any foods that have been heat processed has no vitamin left as they are all destroyed in the heat and nutrition is junk food, it is like feeding them pizza every day. The ingredients of all dog biscuits have corn, beef, wheat, yeast fillers which are ALL allergen foods that stress the dogs body. Stress allows disease and illness to surface and develop. Did you read the back of the dog biscuit recipe?? You can order just the prevention on its own next time. Depending on how quickly your dog becomes stronger again, through diet and nutrition and no allergen foods given. You may order a larger bottle of the prevention if you like. If you follow the diet according to the sheet and avoid all commercial foods, even the seizures will be helped tremendously as well.


Question: Because your pet is on a prescribed drug called Aciduric tablets to maintenance to prevent the crystals forming, after having an indication once he was a candidate for stones. (Potential stones). Can we just add the acid type vitamin "Ascorbic acid" crystals as a replacement for the Acidurin drug?

Answer: YES, the acidic type of vitamin c is called "ascorbic acid" can be a good replacement for treating and prevention crystals and stone formation. Even though the powder is not a natural form of vitamin C, is will not have any side effects like what the chemical drug may cause. The powder not only dissolve crystals it also corrects the system back to a more a "acidic one". Especially important for felines compared to humans and canines, felines need a higher acidic system. When a pet has an too alkaline (feeding chemical biscuits) system they CANNOT DISSOLVE CRYSTALS/stones. Drugs and emergency surgery (and long term kidney failure, as infection travels up through the urethra to the kidneys - cystitis) which can be avoided if we avoid ALL Chemical dry foods.


Question: Our dog has a tumour, and you suggest the change of diet and natural medicines. You also said to give our dog the enzyme called Bromelian enzyme powder / tabs (crushed), which will help regress the tumor. How much should we be giving our dog?

Answer: Dosage: Bromelain has shown therapeutic benefits in doses as small as 160 mg/day; however, it is thought that, for most conditions, best results occur at doses of 750-1000 mg/day. Most research on bromelain has been done utilizing four divided daily doses. Findings indicate that results are dose-dependent. So divide the daily dosage into 3 doses a day. I.e. Med size dog - 300mg am, 300mg lunch/after work, another at tea time of 300mg. Half the doses for cats and small dogs and animals. Go up to 350mg for med - lage dog or horse.


Question: How do we use the Vit C therapy for treating my Parvo puppies.

Answer: Using Vit C is very effective for treatment as well as prevention of Parvo (kennels that previously have had this virus) also use it treating Feline Aids, and other Feline & Canine Viruses. Snake bites treatment and poisoning. For treating all these conditions which are normally fatal and acute symptoms, we give large amounts frequently. I.e. 1 tablespoon dissolved in liquid and syringe side of mouth every hour. (Med size dog) Question: How do we know when the system is saturated with Vit C for our Cancer in our dog. Answer: For treating cancer pets we give vit c regularly and working up to saturation of the system. We can tell when we have reached bowel tolerance as the stools will become loose. Once this is seen, we slightly cut back the amount given throughout the day, and this dosage amount is maintained for healing. For long term vitamin c dosing, it is best to give a natural form of vitamin c - wholefood vitamin C powder.