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Pet Sterilization


Over 300,000 unwanted – homeless – abandoned cat and kittens, dogs and puppies purebreed and mixed breeds are killed annually in Australia.

Ask yourself, why do we want to bring more animals into this world when we cant find caring homes for the ones that are already born?

Altering is best done just after puberty for females, when fully matured/developed sexual organs .- male dogs on the other hand mature later than females, so I suggest males to be altered from the age of 2 years old, larger dogs take even longer to mature than smaller dogs.

I had my male Kelpie x Doberman altered when he was four years of age, as he was still very timid and insecure. The transaction was perfect, as his confidence as a male adult dog was now stable at four years of age. I have met quite a few male dogs who are emotionally insecure, who have be affected because of hormone imbalances, the consequence of being neutered at a very young age, before their male hormones and genitals were fully mature and sexual organs had a chance to developed fully, and are very small/ puppy like organ.

The word Spay or Ovariectomy in medical terminology is removal of ovaries. The medical word of Ovariohysterectomy is really the spay procedure they do today – which is a surgical excision of the ovaries and the uterus together.

For a male – they quickly recover from the surgery and dont have to contend with the confusions or habits from past sexual behaviours.

For a female,- vets do a complete ovariohysterectomy, which include the ovaries. Have you come across a female dog, who mounts your leg and has been spayed?

If you give her the remedy for hysterectomy Staphysagria 30C 3 x daily after the surgery she will heal quickly and her behaviour will be even better than before she was altered. Even male dogs that display behaviour disorders do well with this remedy also.

Unsterilized animals who continually have mating urges, may have behaviour that is considered undesirable by humans, such as running away when a female is on heat, fighting other animals of the same sex and getting injured, territorial marking, yowling and climbing walls, females being pursued by male animals, hyper activity, or aggression.

Animals, who dont want babies are quite unhappy about their person projecting their own desire for motherhood making the dog?s life miserable. I relayed the dog?s feelings to the person and hoped they will do what was best for the dog and have her spayed.

There are bitches that do like motherhood, but many who get pregnant do not enjoy it and reject their puppies. Others get reproductive disorders. Perhaps many domesticated animals are losing their ability to reproduce, because there is such a surplus of homeless dogs and cats.

People will also say they have homes lined up for all the puppies or kittens already before they are  pregnant. There are estimated to be 5 million homeless cats and dogs born in Australia yearly.

In the US there are over 25 million cats and dogs homeless in America. About 15 million are killed or donated to research by animal shelters. The rest suffer disease, starvation, or brutal injury and death on the streets or back roads. Each animal who finds a home has a counterpart who didnt get one.

Altering does not take away an animals zest for life or make them lazy. It makes animals less prone to prostrate cancer – hormone – related diseases of un -neutered animals, and they usually live longer

The best time for surgery is after a pet reaches sexual maturity, which insures the least effect on the neuro-endocrine system and allows full developement of a normal adult body shape. Most female teenagers reach this point at 6-8 months of age most young male at 9 to 12 months, I always like to wait as long as possible with males as they are late matures so I always suggest 12 months and over is a good time.

Natural treatment can help ease the process.

Pre – Post – Surgery drops – given for 2 days leading up to surgery give one dose twice daily of Arnica 1M

We now have a custom made homeopathic combination formula called “Surgery Heal” which contains: (Arnica 1M, (bleeding, bruising), Hypericum 1M (nerve repair,damage) Ruta Grav 1M (muscle damage) Ledum 30C (knife, surgery, shock).

I use the homeopathic remedy for Hysterectomy – Staphysagria 200C – 3 x daily for 3 days afterwards, as well as a daily dose of Arnica or the Surgery Heal combination for 5 days.

– Phosphorus 200C If pet your pet is slow to wake up, groggy or nauseous/vomits after surgery. Usually one dose on top of the body is all that is required.

– Apis Mellifica 1M for any red irritation or a discharge of fluid or pus around the skin sutures give.
Give a couple of drops every 4 hours, until redness and discharge goes.

* OPTIONAL: Bathe the incision site in a mixture of 10 drops of Calendula herb tincture, diluting into 1 cup of filtered water(if possible).  Prevents infection and fast healing.

Dip the cotton/swab in the solution and hold it against the incision for a few minutes 3 to 4 times a day if necessary.