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FIP Wet symptoms (feline infectious peritonitis) Set of 5 In your Cat or Kitten – 183 (A)Code:

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  • Immune boosting from FIP and Corona Virus.
  • Fevers, respiratory, infection, nausea symptom.
  • Liver, spleen, red blood cells, pancreas, stomach.
  • Neuro FIP (nerve, spasms, paralysis, weakness, seizure)
  • Approx. 1,000 drops in 50ml Bottle
  • Shelf life Several Years
Naturopathic Formulas Set of 5.  Kitten or Teenager
1. HAMPL Organ – Detox 50ml liquid
 * Liver & Kidney, Fever, anemia
2. HAMPL Anti-Viral Herbs 183-3 100ml
3. Liposomal Vitamin C 200ml liquid
4. Minerals (ReMyte) 50ml liquid
5. HAMPL Chest-Lung (pleural effusion) 50ml
* Natural diuretic

* If Pleural effusion also add the natural supplement “Rutin” which is a flavonoid, used to aid in venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, avoiding edema, swelling and pain. e.g Cat needs approx 100mg daily. Bluebonnet Nutrition, Rutin, 500mg, 50 Vegetarian Capsules. Open capsule and add powder. e.g 1/4  cap of powder once or twice a day.  Add to meals or liquid meals and oral syringe.

* Complimentary – On Request
~ Neuro 1  – “Seizure” 30ml drops
~ Neuro 11 – “Weakness-Paralysis” 30ml drops

and / or instead of natural FIP medicines – (see below)

Order ASAP one of these Anti- Viral Drug.
*We dont sell these drugs

Tablets or Liquid vials (to injected) either –  
Mutian (GS441), Freecat  or  Proline.

Fast response for stopping virus spreading assistance even if advanced stages.

Mutian GS441524 and GC376
are the two new “antiviral drugs“ responsible for all the recent excitement. And to be fair, they show the greatest promise. There is also an oral antiviral product called ‘Mutian’, whose exact nature is a ‘commercial secret.

In Australian – if needing guide on dosage
Phone (08) 83442000 Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. Is happy to help guide you on dosage.
*He does not sell the GS441

MUTIAN Capsules Dosage Calculator


also could Join FB group called  “FIP Fighters”
You will need to order:

  • Either tablets or injection
  • B12 Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) liquid.
    * Can order from
    DOSAGE – For felines add 3 drop in meals twice a day.|

~ Helps assist anemia and prevent.
Buy a “alcohol free “ liver herb tincture –  5 drops in meals twice a day.

~ The liver herbs will help protect the liver from the chemical FIP.
NOTE;   “Neuro” FIP kitties… need a stronger drug amount.

As WET or DRY FIP can develop into seizures or weakness back legs, unable to work very well. Or it can develop same time as FIP symptoms.   Start on the right dosage 200mg or 400mg tablets

* Download pdf HELP SHEET further Instructions

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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