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Meningitis – Encephalitis. Localized or Systemic – 26 (B)Code:

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  • Magnesium & Vit B6  to repair system & peripheral.
  • Brain Infection or widespread meningo-encephalitis.
  • Healing seizure pets, even if on Phenobarbital drug.
  • Meningitis – Encephalitis.  Cerebromeningitis; Encephalomeningitis;  Meningoencephalitis – head trauma, brain, spine abscess, fluid-filled cyst, viruses, protozoa, rickettsia, and fungi in canines (or other species). Localized or systemic.
  • Approx.1,000 drops in a 50ml Bottle
  • Shelf Life, several years
Naturopathic Formulas Set of 4
1. HAMPL Meno Seizure 26-1(B) 30ml drops
2. HAMPL Meningitis Homeo 26-2(B) 30ml drops
3. HAMPL Herbal Meningo 26-3(B) 50ml liquid   
4. HAMPL Drawing Out 16 50ml * Possible brain abscess
  • Check if caused from a “Tick bite”Rickettisia is the cause of this diagnosis symptoms .If so also use in conjunction AN234-1 Fever Bite Rickettsia drops.
  •  If Viral, also use suggest using Liposomal Vitamin C 200ml (AN335)
  • Eyes tracking from side to side or up and down.
    Nystagmus – eye tracking from side to side or up and down.
    * See the HAMPL Eye-Brain Nystagmus 342 50ml 

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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