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Polyradiculoneuritis (coonhound paralysis) Australia and USA – 41Code:

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  • Coonhound paralysis, just a name it was given. A nerve condition common in Australia. Paralysis acute or chronic support.
  • For all species and age
  • Approx. 600 drops in 30ml Bottle
  • Shelf life, Several Years (opened or unopened)
Naturopathic formula Set of 2
1. HAMPL Neuritis 41-1 30ml
2. HAMPL Herbal Inflam-Spine 41-2 100ml

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

primarily affects the ventral nerve roots and peripheral nerves.

More common in dogs than cats.

Acute neurologic inflammation causing paralysis in dogs tend to affect the nerves controlling the muscles of the fore and hind limbs, the muscles of the neck, and the muscles that control breathing and barking.
In the same meridian of the vaccine is given.



Suggestion for using the below natural supplements.

Bee Pollen (B complex) – Stress and loss of motor coordination; paralysis; pain in arms and legs. Loss of myelin sheath; attacks motor and sensory axons of the neuron. Add 2 teaspoons to every meal given (med to large dog)

Wheat Germ Oil  (Vitamin E) – peripheral nerve repair. Add 2 teaspoons of oil in every meal given.(med to large dog)
Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) – nerves and brains cells. Add 3 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of warm water to dissolve crystals. Then oral syringe 2 ml four times a day. After 4 days can start adding a tablespoon of mixture in meals. Ongoing. (med to large dog)

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6 (5p5) activated capsules  – peripheral neuropathy


Allow the body to heal using Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate powder), Vitamin E, Bee Pollen (a B vitamin) Vitamin B6 (5p5) and Herbal Inflam-Spine drops to dilute in some water or slippery elm mix and oral syringe side of mouth – repeat twice to three times a day.
ANIMAL DOSING: Initially, diluting in some liquid and or sardines. Hand feed four times a day for four days. Upon improvement, we can start to add a dose and mix into meals- twice a day.

If swallowing or paralysis is in the throat as well, or if this remedy does not completely restore function we would suggest that you then need to have an Individual Distant Consultation with our practitioner.
Each case is different, and we may need to add or change potencies or treatment.


USA Vet Report a clinical sign often develop within 14 days after a raccoon bite or scratch (Coonhound paralysis); however, this theory of raccoon causing the nerve inflammation proves to be incorrect.

In Australia and other parts of the world that do not have Racoon’s, dogs are getting this inflammation.
It is more like 1 to 2 weeks after a vaccination has been given.

What is more likely which are Vets are also saying this nerve inflammation can develop in dogs and cats within 2 wk of vaccination. If we examine the content of the vaccinations they are heavy metals which is a toxin.
Different metals … Mercury, Lead, Aluminium have a different effect on the body. Once more the homeopathic remedy to can treat this condition is for Lead poisoning along with lots of Vitamin C. As vaccines severely deplete a pet of Vitamin C.

The brain and central nervous system are made up of large amounts of nerve cells.

Stanford University’s HOPES Project also notes that Vitamin C, is also very prevalent in parts of the brain in between nerve cells.

Studies have shown the potential that

Vitamin C can repair and prevent nerve damage.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Affects peripheral nerves and the nerve supply to the muscle. Walking and balance problems, eye movement problems. Initially, there is a short – stride gait in the pelvic limbs that progress within 12 days to flaccid tetraparesis or tetraplegia and, in some cases, to facial and laryngeal weakness. Occasionally, the thoracic limbs are initially affected. Death from respiratory paralysis can occur in severe cases. Spinal cord reflexes are weak to absent, and severe muscle atrophy is evident within 10 – 14 days. Pain perception is intact, and some dogs may appear hyperesthetic, showing signs of discomfort on palpation of the trunk or limbs.
Mentation and appetite are not affected. Urination, defecation, and tail movement usually remain normal.

Signs will begin 7 to 14 days after contact with a raccoon or other stimulating agent. Initially, affected dogs have a stiff-stilted gait in all limbs that rapidly progresses to various degrees of limb and body weakness or even paralysis. Voice loss or voice change is also a common early sign. Occasionally, dogs develop weakness of the facial muscles. This will consist of drooping lips, sagging eyes, and an expressionless face. Breathing difficulties may develop in severely affected dogs and, on occasion, this can lead to a complete inability to breathe. Signs progress for 4 to 5 days (occasionally up to 10 days) before the disease stabilizes. However, most dogs will not show immediate improvement in strength at this time. Muscle weakness or paralysis will continue for several weeks and perhaps for up to 4 months. During this time, affected dogs will lose considerable weight due to general muscle wasting.

Coonhound paralysis is suspected to be associated with an overstimulation, such as a stimulating agent such as a vaccination, a viral respiratory infection, or a viral or bacterial gastrointestinal infection.
Despite severe signs of weakness (or even paralysis), most dogs remain in good spirits and continue to be responsive to their guardians, even being able to wag their tail. Affected dogs will also be able to eat and drink normally if given the opportunity and will be able to urinate and defecate. However, some dogs may be unwilling to perform these tasks in the first few days of the disease.

How is coonhound paralysis diagnosed?

Coonhound paralysis has classic clinical and neurologic signs that are often recognized by your veterinarian after a neurologic examination is performed. Reference: J Nutr. 2006 Jun;136(6):1576-81. A combined deficiency of vitamins E and C causes severe central nervous system damage in guinea pigs. Burk RF1, Christensen JM, Maguire MJ, Austin LM, Whetsell WO Jr, May JM, Hill KE, Ebner FF. Abstract

A short period of combined deficiency of vitamins E and C causes profound central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction in guinea pigs.

Vaccines severely deplete the body of vitamin C

For this report, CNS histopathology was studied to define the nature and extent of injury caused by this double deficiency. Weanling guinea pigs were fed a vitamin E-deficient or -replete diet for 14 d. Then vitamin C was withdrawn from the diet of some guinea pigs. Four diet groups were thus formed: replete, vitamin E deficient, vitamin C deficient, and both vitamin E and C deficient. From 5 to 11 d after the institution of the doubly deficient diet, 9 of 12 guinea pigs developed paralysis, and 2 more were found dead. The remaining guinea pig in the doubly deficient group and all animals in the other 3 groups survived without clinical impairment until the experiment was terminated at 13-15 d. Brains and spinal cords were serially sectioned and stained for examination. Only the combined deficiency produced damage in the CNS. The damage consisted mainly of nerve cell death, axonal degeneration, vascular injury, and associated glial cell responses. The spinal cord and the ventral pons in the brain stem were most severely affected, often exhibiting asymmetric cystic lesions. Several features of the lesions suggest that the primary damage was to blood vessels.

These results indicate that the paralysis and death caused by a combined deficiency of vitamins E and C in guinea pigs are caused by severe damage in the brain stem and spinal cord.

Non-Drug Prescription Set of 2.  Naturopathics for all species and ages

1. HAMPL Neuritis 41-1 30ml formula
Energetic Formula:
Causticum (Dilution: 12X, 30X, 10M)
HAMPL Vacc Detox 40 formula
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

* For Acute Paralysis: repeat a dose every 10 minutes, for 3 repeats. Then judge if they need a repeat dose later in the day or following day. Cases of Partial Paralysis or weakness: Repeat a dose three times a day, and if needed continue for 4 days.
If not 100% after 14 days, contract Practitioner for further advice, and natural solution for next level of health.


2. HAMPL Herbal Inflam-Spine 41-2 100ml
Contains herbal liquid extract:
Solomon’s Seal
Wild Lettuce

~ A potent anti-inflammatory, pain relief, aiding circulations, nerves and blood cleansing with nutritional support of the spine.

* Very important to provide your dog with the suggested vitamins straight away.

General Dosing and Instructions 

For all species, size, and ages.


(a) “HOMEOPATHICS”are sold in either a clear liquid or tiny white pills or granules – both have no odour or taste)

Easy “application dosing” for all species:

  • Homeopathic DROPS (clear liquid) DRIP or APPLY 3 to 4 drops, pat into fur/skin with bottom of bottle. i.e. back of shoulder blades (not orally) which is regarded as one dose for all size species and ages. Note: Liquid homeopathics are more suited for feline, toy dog, fish, birds and other small species
  • Homeopathic PILLS (white pills) crush a pill (or whole) and add to gum/pouch of mouth to dissolve in saliva. Does not need to swallow it.
  • Homeopathic GRANULES (white grain) and a small light sprinkle or a pinch to meals, or stir into water trough or bowl.
    Casual repeat dosing can add to water bowl or feed dish or water trough for wildlife or farm animals.

Refer to Bottle Label for suggested frequencies repeat dosing needed per day.
 the rule is one must “repeat a dose” more frequently with less time in between each application dose, which is more important than the amount given each time. Repeat application will provide 

faster action.


(b) “HERBAL MEDICINES ” (brown liquid – strong odour & tasting) 
”Application dosing” for all species and sizes: 
Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat : add herbal drops (as recommended on bottle label) to some (unsweetened apple sauce or apple juice) for canines and oral syringe side of mouth. Can add other vitamins (crushed) Alkaline green powders etc. to mix.

Refer to Bottle Label for amount of drops per species size. e.g 60 drops = 1 teaspoon

What I do for example: If I was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to a small bowl add some boiled water (about a teaspoon) to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)


Giving vitamins and supplements (tablets or powders) Note: always crush tablet before adding to food or liquid mix.
Felines or small animals: make up 1 cup of mixture, adding approx. a pinch of some type of Green powder (alkaline powder) or Chlorella powder (cleansing of toxins) or 1/4 Teaspoons of Slippery elm powder (to mask the taste) with 1 teaspoon of herbs if you are having to also give herbal medicines (i.e. brown liquid) 
Med to large animals: add twice to three times the amount.

DOSING: Feline or small animal: using an oral syringe draw up 1ml and gently small sips. Or add a teaspoon to meals if they don’t mind eating it with meals (mix well into food) Do not put in Fridge. Room temp is best as too cold is dislike by felines.
DOSING: Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat: try mixing well into food and hand piece before feeding main meals. Or dose same as suggested for felines, but add three times as much herbal medicines and vitamins to 1/2 cup of water or (unsweetened) apple sauce or apple juice.

What I do for example: If i was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to 1/2 cup of boiled hot water to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …. smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)

Slippery Elm Powder
If needing to add or use Slippery Elm powder

FOR CONDITIONS like …. diarrhea, stomach ulcers, or sore inflamed mouth or mouth ulcers, constipation, or IBS (i.e. colitis), plus it can also been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids.

CONVALESCING ..can been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids or not eating very well.
~ Add a small amount of powder to the mix to enough to make a runny liquid mix, if you put too much of the powder it will become thick and gluggy, if this happens you will need to add more liquid to it. Can add crushed vitamins and herbal medicines to this as well. OPTIONS: Oral dose in syringe or add to meals three times a day or more to maintain normal health again, then can stop or reduce frequencies.

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