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Feline Naturopathic Kit. – 10 Naturopathic remediesCode:

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  • Remedies for all your felines in the family
  • Instructional booklet include in Kit
  • May assist in first aid and emergency situations.
  • For all ages.
Feline Naturopathic Kit.
9 x 4 Drain vial pills, 1 x 50ml Herbal Antibiotic liquid with Instructions Booklet
1. HAMPL Lyme & QLD Tick Oral Nosode 123    4 dram vial pills * Prevention – Australia and Internationally
2. HAMPL Sting n Bite 69  4 dram vial pills * bee allergy, spider bites toxins etc
3. HAMPL Injury ~ Surgery 31 4 dram vial pills * pre-post surgery, injuries, stop-prevents bleeding etc
4. HAMPL ParaExpel 49  4 dram vial pills  * intestinal parasitic cleansing, heartworm prevent.
5. HAMPL Liver Detox 36   4 dram vial pills * liver detox
6. HAMPL Emergency Stress 309-1   4 dram vial pills * calming, stress release for any stressful situation (past or current), or  just anxious pet.
7. HAMPL Infection Fighter 71  50ml *herbal antibiotic8.  HAMPL Bladder Clear 15   4 dram vial pills Cystitis infection  and/or  crystal  causing blockages
9. HAMPL Virus Respiratory 219-1   4 dram vial pills * Cat flu, URI, calici, herpes virus
10. HAMPL Drawing Out 16 Draws out and drains infection-pus from anywhere in body
.. tooth gum abscess and infection around plaque of teeth, anal gland blockages, infected wounds, ear infections etc. tooth, gum infection, ranula, cheesygland, pigeon fever, gangrene, chondroids (“stones”), salivary duct stones, salivary glanditis, Cysts – salivary, syringomyelia, interdigital furunculosis, pseudocyst, sebaceous etc Also prevents infection spreading.
* Add more remedies to your CART Feline KIT(see below)

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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