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Canine Distemper Virus -165 (also hard pad). Natural Solution. Also assisting Wildlife e.g RaccoonCode:

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  • A non-drug effective solution for acute virus symptoms.
  • Natural infection formula support, fast acting for all.
  • Support from pain, inflammation, and other symptoms
  • Central Nervous System damages.
  • Herbal Virus Immune support formula, protection.
  • Approx.600 drops in a 30ml Bottle
  • Shelf life is several years
Naturopathic Formulas Set of 4
1. HAMPL Inflam-Infect-Virus 165-1 30ml drops
2. BioCeutical Liposomal Vitamin C LIQUID 100ml
3. HAMPL Central Nervous System 165-3 30ml drops
4. HAMPL Herb Virus 165-5 50ml liquid

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Use for all species 

If unable to touch the animal e.g wildlife  (raccoon) apply several drops to pieces of fruit/food three to four times a day. Also stir in some drops to water dish as well. Bottle No 1 and Bottle No 3. for wildlife.  * Bottle No 1 – can also be used as a prevention as well.

Cautions Vaccine Dangers

We have had sick puppies become infected after the vaccination has been given, due to a puppy not having a fully developed immune system to fight off the live virus injected into their tiny bodies. Some older dogs also have a negative reaction as well.  Before re vaccinating always get a Titre test done first to see if your pet actually needs another booster vaccine.  For your vet to order the in-house titre test kit.  Takes 21 minutes to get results back and is a more inexpensive testing for everyone.


Chronic illness appears approx. 2 months after the injections.

Acute symptoms are seen on the same day and to continue to get worse through the week.

You need to act straight away and help your dog or pup to get through this with natural medicines or drugs and IV drip. however, there have been seen more success using natural medicines and fluids with slippery elm powder mix and LVitamin C orally – when employed. If your pet has had vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24hrs, especially if an infant, they will need hydration.
Either syringing filtered water orally throughout the day.  Or go to vet and ask a caring and friendly vet to give Sub Q fluids (fluids under the skin) once a day while you are treating him/her at home with natural medicines. Many people learn to give fluids under the skin from home. We can supply the kit or vet can.

Do the Vitamin C orally dissolve in some water, repeating 3 – 4 x daily
5ml adult  or   puppy 2ml .  When well can continue vitamin C to daily meals to prevent further health issues – on going.


SubQ fluids

Takes 5 minutes to give fluids under the skin.
e.g, 100ml of warm fluids for a small dog, 200 mls for med to large dog, 500 mls for large dog per day until all symptoms and wellness returns. It is best to start treatment as soon as possible.

Should be seen within a few days with this healthcare regime.

Add herbal drops (brown liquid) to some slippery elm powder mixture (powder and water to make a very runny liquid mix) and orally syringe squirting very small amounts each time inside of mouth till all mixture of recommended herbal amount for the size of the dog.

Repeat again making up another mix with herbs for four repeats a day. Slippery elm powder is also highly nutritional as a food supplement as well as soothing intestinal tract and protection or resolving ulcers or/and diarrhea conditions.

One “set of the Distemper formulas” will help several puppies and dogs get their health back – prevention.


Post-Distemper Tics

* Use HAMPL Spasm Release 267 (A) drops and Magnesium powder or liquid in meals twice daily.

  • Involuntary tics, twitches, or muscle spasms are the most common signs seen in distemper survivors.
    One study estimates they may affect up to 40% of dogs who have survived distemper. The neurological tics may affect the face (causing winking), front or hind legs (causing hopping), or torso (causing a sway or shrug). They may become more pronounced when the dog is tired or stressed. It’s also common for distemper survivors to be more physically active/twitchy while sleeping.
  • Jaw chewing, like your dog is chewing gum.
  • Underdeveloped teeth (severe enamel hypoplasia), which we also see in pups where their mother had distemper
  • Lack of balance and coordination.

Non-Drug Prescriptions –  Set of 4.  Naturopathics – Viral Infection for all species and ages
* if treating wild animals  … e.g raccoon. Use bottle 1 and 3 homeopathic drops. Apply several drops of each remedy in some pieces of fruit / food and water – three times a day.

1. HAMPL Inflam-Infect-Virus 165-1 30ml drops
Energetic formula:
Aconite (Dilution: 200C)
Hydrastis (Dilution: 200C)
Echinacea (Dilution: 200C)
Ferr Phos (Dilution: 1M, 10M)
Strep (Dilution: 200C)
Anth (Dilution: 200C)
Staph Bacteria nosode (Dilution: 200C)
Penicillium nosode (Dilution: 200C)
Baptisa (Dilution: 200C)
GunPowder nosode (Dilution: 200C)
Kali Phos (Dilution: 200C)
Pyro (Dilution: 6C, 10M)
Hard Pad nosode (Dilution: 30X , 30C, LM5, LM8)
Nat Ars (Dilution: 200C)
Nux Vom (Dilution: 200C)
China (Dilution: 200C)
Ipec (Dilution: 200C)
Ars Alb (Dilution: 200C)
Merc (Dilution: 200C)
Baptsia (Dilution: 200C)
Distemper Virus Nosode (Dilution: 10M, 200C, 12X)
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

~ Works on Acute fever/ infection, hot, shivering.  General infections, fevers anywhere in the body.  Fast action and results from vomiting diarrhea, oppression of chest and breathing, esophagus constriction, swollen tongue, drooling, conjunctivitis, watery eyes/nose, joint stiffness, back pain, dehydration, diarrhea.

2. BioCeutical Liposomal Vitamin C 100ml liquid  &  oral syringe

3. HAMPL Central Nervous system 165-2  30ml drops
Energetic formula:
HAMPL Brain-Nerve 94-1 formula
Baryta Carb (Dilution: 30C)
Conium Mac (Dilution: 4X, 6C, 1M)
Belladonna (Dilution: 200C)
Cicuta Virosa (Dilution: 12X, 30X)
Plumbum Phos (Dilution: 10M)
Rhus tox (Dilution: 12C,1M)
Canine Distemper Nosode (Dilution: 200C) (detox)
Euphorbium (Dilution: 12X)
Ferr Phos (Dilution: 6X, 1M)
Nat Sulph (Dilution: 6X, 200C)
Anacard (Dilution: 30C)
Aethusia Cyn (Dilution: 30C)
With organs sarcodes of the cerebellum, cerebral artery, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, medulla, myelin sheath, motor nerves, thalamus, upper motor neurons.
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

Example Active Ingredients
Conium Mac – paralysis ataxia
Belladonna  – fever, hot, circles to the left
Cicuta Virosa – turning to either the left or right all the time, brain issues
Plumbum Phos –  locomotor ataxia
Rhus tox  –  paralysis, vertigo and circling to the right
Euphorbium  –  vertigo, turning to the right or left side all the time
Nat Sulph  – tissue salt for vertigo, earache, inflamed liver, spinal meningitis, head symptoms. … and others.

~ Works on –  Central nervous system – problem in coordination or paralysis in the old or young pet, circling to the left or right, head tilt and vertigo, ataxia. Will also help boosts brain cells, or any brain damage or wobblers syndrome, nervous system damages e.g. “distemper” in cats or dogs and weakness or paralysis appears.

4. HAMPL Herb Virus 165-4  50ml liquid
Contains herbal liquid extract:
Chinese Scullcap
Isatis Root

Medicinal Uses
Isatis Root or Leaf is a very broad antiviral herb – It is one of the most effective TCM herbs used as an herbal antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-viral.  TCM doctors use it whenever there are signs of fever or toxic heat from viral illness, Blood poisoning, leukemia, Corona Virus (which causes FIP), Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus, Hepatitis B, Varicella virus (shingles), Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex virus 1, swine pseudorabies virus,meningitis, scarlet fever, sinus infections, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mumps, and other similar ailments.  It is an effective alternative to Western prescription antibiotics in some cases of bacterial infections Staphylococcus aureus, Toxoplasma gondii, Leishmania spp., Leukemic and liver cancer cells, and possibly other cancers.  This herb is strongly specific for influenza (all strains irrespective or source), SARS, all primary respiratory Virus infections, Viral pneumonia, Epstein Barr, eye drops for conjunctivitis, leukemia, Hendra Virus, Canine Distemper Viral infections.
Andrographis- is also used for a wide assortment of other conditions. Andrographis is frequently used for preventing and treating the common cold and flu (influenza). Some people claim Andrographis stopped the 1919 flu epidemic in India.Some people use Andrographis for a sore throat, coughs, swollen tonsils, bronchitis, and allergies.  

 Andrographis is also used as an astringent, bacteria-killing agent, painkiller, fever reducer, and treatment for worms.
Goldenseal – Goldenseal has been shown in the research to be both antibiotic and antiviral. It is possible that berberine (a major component of goldenseal) also kills a wide range of other types of germs in test tubes, such as those that cause candida (yeast) infections and parasites such as tapeworms and Giardia. Berberine may also activate white blood cells, making them better at fighting infection and strengthening the immune system.
Chinese Skullcap – has been used for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunoprotective, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and circulatory conditions.  Chinese skullcap is a potent synergist (increases benefit of other supplements); a property that is very important when choosing a supplement regimen. In other words, it enhances the value of other herbs, especially those with antimicrobial value. It is, by itself, strongly antiviral (especially against herpes viruses). It also offers antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. . Chinese skullcap is also known for sedative properties. It contains melatonin, helpful for inducing sleep. Strongly protective of nerve tissue.  Attenuates (calms) overactive immune function.

Post-Distemper Tics

* Use homeopathic HAMPL Spasm Release 267 (a) 30ml and Magnesium drops or powder twice a day.

General Dosing and Instructions

For all species, size, and ages.


(a) “HOMEOPATHICS”are sold in either a clear liquid or tiny white pills or granules – both have no odour or taste)

Easy “application dosing” for all species:

  • Homeopathic DROPS (clear liquid) DRIP or APPLY 3 to 4 drops, pat into fur/skin with bottom of bottle. i.e. back of shoulder blades (not orally) which is regarded as one dose for all size species and ages. Note: Liquid homeopathics are more suited for feline, toy dog, fish, birds and other small species
  • Homeopathic PILLS (white pills) crush a pill (or whole) and add to gum/pouch of mouth to dissolve in saliva. Does not need to swallow it.
  • Homeopathic GRANULES (white grain) and a small light sprinkle or a pinch to meals, or stir into water trough or bowl.
    Casual repeat dosing can add to water bowl or feed dish or water trough for wildlife or farm animals.

Refer to Bottle Label for suggested frequencies repeat dosing needed per day.
the rule is one must “repeat a dose” more frequently with less time in between each application dose, which is more important than the amount given each time. Repeat application will provide

faster action.


(b) “HERBAL MEDICINES ” (brown liquid – strong odour & tasting)
”Application dosing” for all species and sizes:
Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat : add herbal drops (as recommended on bottle label) to some (unsweetened apple sauce or apple juice) for canines and oral syringe side of mouth. Can add other vitamins (crushed) Alkaline green powders etc. to mix.

Refer to Bottle Label for amount of drops per species size. e.g 60 drops = 1 teaspoon

What I do for example: If I was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to a small bowl add some boiled water (about a teaspoon) to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)



Giving vitamins and supplements (tablets or powders) Note: always crush tablet before adding to food or liquid mix.
Felines or small animals: make up 1 cup of mixture, adding approx. a pinch of some type of Green powder (alkaline powder) or Chlorella powder (cleansing of toxins) or 1/4 Teaspoons of Slippery elm powder (to mask the taste) with 1 teaspoon of herbs if you are having to also give herbal medicines (i.e. brown liquid)
Med to large animals: add twice to three times the amount.

DOSING: Feline or small animal: using an oral syringe draw up 1ml and gently small sips. Or add a teaspoon to meals if they don’t mind eating it with meals (mix well into food) Do not put in Fridge. Room temp is best as too cold is dislike by felines.
DOSING: Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat: try mixing well into food and hand piece before feeding main meals. Or dose same as suggested for felines, but add three times as much herbal medicines and vitamins to 1/2 cup of water or (unsweetened) apple sauce or apple juice.

What I do for example: If i was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to 1/2 cup of boiled hot water to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …. smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)

Slippery Elm Powder

If needing to add or use Slippery Elm powder

FOR CONDITIONS like …. diarrhea, stomach ulcers, or sore inflamed mouth or mouth ulcers, constipation, or IBS (i.e. colitis), plus it can also been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids.

CONVALESCING ..can been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids or not eating very well.
~ Add a small amount of powder to the mix to enough to make a runny liquid mix, if you put too much of the powder it will become thick and gluggy, if this happens you will need to add more liquid to it. Can add crushed vitamins and herbal medicines to this as well. OPTIONS: Oral dose in syringe or add to meals three times a day or more to maintain normal health again, then can stop or reduce frequencies.

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