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HAMPL Large Joint 173 formulaCode:

9 reviews

  • Bone pain & mobility issues in all species.
  • Hip Dysplasia, large joint issues, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism, Cartilage issues, Exostosis that causes weakness in hindquarters.
  • Approx. 1,000 drops in a 50ml Bottle
  • Shelf life is several years
Naturopathic Formula Set of 1
HAMPL Large Joint 173  formula
and if needed
~ Muscle Inflammatory Pain Relief 264(A)
Herbal (e.g muscle, arthritis, MMM,  Polymyositis)
~ Bone Inflammatory Pain Relief 264(B)
Herbal (e.g. bone on bone, panosteitis-bone inflammation)
~ Muscle & Bone Inflammatory Pain Relief
AN264 (A & B) Herbal (arthritis muscle and bone joint pain relief)

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Many joint and muscle symptoms are seen as:

PolyArthritis elastic fibers in the joint,
Edematous synovitis,
Swollen knee,
Foot or Ankle disorders,
Sciatica nerve pain,
Joint disorder or dislocation,
Bone pain,
Rheumatism of knee with effusion.


Diagnosed in pets as:

Hip Dysplasia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism, Cartilage, Exostosis causing weakness in hindquarters.
Because of the calcium imbalance in the body, to correct this we provide the mineral – Magnesium to daily meals.

We would also often prescribe the HAMPL Bone Repair 87 formula in conjunction with the HAMPL Joint Swelling 147 formula.


Natural Anti Inflammatory  * if needed

* If your dog is in a lot of pain, we could also suggest a herbal anti-inflammatory drop whilst healing and restoring joint mobility.
HAMPL Inflammatory Pain Relief 264  Mix


Important Requirements

Vitamin C and Magnesium

Did you know that vaccinations severely deplete an animal of vitamin C. One of the reasons why it is so important not to deplete vitamin C any further.  (All pets should have a Titre Test first to see if they actually need to be vaccinated).Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory – inflammation and swelling.
This is important since most pain from acute injuries and chronic muscle, bone and joint pain results from inflammation. In addition, Vitamin C also stimulates collagen growth. Collagen forms the connective tissue cushion between joints. This cushion is the tissue that is eroded in dogs who have arthritis and other degenerative joint disorders. The collagen must be healed and regrown in order for your dog to regain her mobility and to experience long-term pain relief. By stimulating the growth of collagen, Vitamin C encourages joint tissue, restoring the cushion between joints. This is important for dogs who have arthritis, hip dysplasia and other conditions that damage the cartilage between the joints. Did you know that Enterobacter cloacae bacteria is responsible for bacteremia, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis as well as infections in the skin, respiratory tract and urinary tract. It is a good idea to starting adding this to daily meals along with the Magnesium powder (Magnesium Glycinate) or Magnesium liquid (ReMag), Magnesium is part of the bone formulation, and without magnesium or low in magnesium, calcium cannot be used in the body, so it gets stored in the wrong places, causing stones, plaque build up around the heart etc.


ReMag Magnesium Liquid 240ml   *Available from Dr. C. Dean’s website.
10 drops in water dish and meals for toy dogs, cat
20 drops small to med to large dog

Liposomal vitamin C  liquid
Highly recommend also adding Liposomal Vitamin C liquid (BioCeutical is a more pure liquid)  in daily meals.    * buy off eBay.

Inflammation and healing, avoid vaccines as they severely deplete the body of Vitamin c

This has a much higher absorption rate with over 90% of the cells being bathed in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers the nutrient directly to the bloodstream. Some experts suggest that liposomal vitamin C is vastly superior to IV vitamin C – an expensive but effective procedure that is done quite often in hospitals and alternative health clinics. The cell membrane blocks much of the vitamin C that is in the bloodstream from getting into the cell.  The liposomal membrane is able to fuse with the same material and configuration that resides on cell walls.  This results in a lower minimal necessary dosage and saves a tremendous amount of money and stress on the consumer.


Options to prevent  “Over – Vaccinating” our Pets.

No pet should ever be re-vaccinated, not ever, without a Titre Test to see if it’s actually needed.

Biogal brand – VacciCheck® Antibody Test Kit
  (is a new method) which is a simple and affordable in-clinic titer test designed to monitor serological status and vaccination failure to prevent over-vaccination consequences.    VacciCheck provides reliable and accurate results in just 21 minutes!

Find a supplier in your Country:

AVAILABLE by request from a Vet Clinic.

Push for your Vet to have this method available.  Some Vets are not willing to get this in-house titre test, so best find a Vet who is willing to help you provide the safest inexpensive way of keeping your pet well.

Dr. Edwards (Australian vet) commented on his FB page says… 

If your pet has seroconverted (is the time period during which a specific antibody develops and becomes detectable in the blood), no matter what their age, they do not need another vaccination.  Nor do they need a ‘booster’ at a year old, as they already have long-lasting immunity.

Dr. Edwards has titre test puppies 2 weeks after initial vaccination if it’s positive then they need no more vaccinations  (So – any dog, of any age, can be titre tested 2 weeks after any C3 vaccination.  If your puppy is going to respond, it will have by then.  He has titre tested several puppies after their first vaccination like this, and they’ve had strongly positive titre levels. Any further vaccinations for these puppies (or kittens) would have been completely unnecessary and may cause puppy or kitten harm.

The whole ‘booster’ thing is really a false way to describe it – nearly all the so-called ‘booster’ vaccinations administered to our pets are completely unnecessary.
There is no need for a so-called ‘booster’ vaccination a year after the puppy vaccinations.


Dr. Ronald Schutz’s research around the duration of immunity is just a google search away.

Non-Drug Prescriptions. Naturopathics for all species and ages.

HAMPL LargeJoint 173 formula
Energetic formula:
Enterobacter Cloacae nosode (Dilution: 6X, 1M)
Apis. Kali Iodatum (Dilution: 12X, 30C, 200C)
HAMPL ArthroRheuma formula
Hura Brasiliensis (Dilution: 1M)
Minerals (Dilution: 6X) (vermiculite)
Organ Sarcodes –
Bone (Dilution: 200C)
Vertebrae (Dilution: 200C)
Tendons (Dilution: 200C)
Ligaments (Dilution: 200C)
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (Dilution: 200C)
Posterior Cruciate ligament (Dilution: 200C)
Liver (Dilution: 200C)
Bladder (Dilution: 200C)
Gallbladder (Dilution: 200C)
Knee Joint Organ Sarcodes (Dilution:200C, 6X, 30C)
Hip Joint (Dilution: 6X, 12C, 1M)
Vertebrae T14 (Dilution: 1M)
Vertebrae Joint Pubis (Dilution: 1M)
Paralysis Spastic (Dilution: 200C)
HAMPL Joint Repair 190 formula
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.


Vitamin C
Highly recommend also adding Liposomal Vitamin C liquid (BioCeutical is a more pure liquid)  in daily meals.
* buy off ebay. (inflammation and healing, avoid vaccines as they severely deplete the body of Vitamin c)

Natural Anti Inflammatory

* If your dog is in a lot of pain, we could also suggest a herbal anti-inflammatory drop whilst healing and restoring joint mobility.
HAMPL Muscle Inflammatory Pain Relief 264(a)
HAMPL Bone Inflammatory Pain Relief 264(c)
HAMPL Bone & Muscle Inflammatory Pain Relief 264(d)

General Dosing and Instructions Guide

For all species, size, and ages.


(a) “HOMEOPATHICS”are sold in either a clear liquid or tiny white pills or granules – both have no odour or taste)

Easy “application dosing” for all species:

  • Homeopathic DROPS (clear liquid) DRIP or APPLY 3 to 4 drops, pat into fur/skin with bottom of bottle. i.e. back of shoulder blades (not orally) which is regarded as one dose for all size species and ages. Note: Liquid homeopathics are more suited for feline, toy dog, fish, birds and other small species
  • Homeopathic PILLS (white pills) crush a pill (or whole) and add to gum/pouch of mouth to dissolve in saliva. Does not need to swallow it.
  • Homeopathic GRANULES (white grain) and a small light sprinkle or a pinch to meals, or stir into water trough or bowl.
    Casual repeat dosing can add to water bowl or feed dish or water trough for wildlife or farm animals.

Refer to Bottle Label for suggested frequencies repeat dosing needed per day.
the rule is one must “repeat a dose” more frequently with less time in between each application dose, which is more important than the amount given each time. Repeat application will provide

faster action.


(b) “HERBAL MEDICINES ” (brown liquid – strong odour & tasting)
”Application dosing” for all species and sizes:
Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat : add herbal drops (as recommended on bottle label) to some (unsweetened apple sauce or apple juice) for canines and oral syringe side of mouth. Can add other vitamins (crushed) Alkaline green powders etc. to mix.

Refer to Bottle Label for amount of drops per species size. e.g 60 drops = 1 teaspoon

What I do for example: If I was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to a small bowl add some boiled water (about a teaspoon) to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)



Giving vitamins and supplements (tablets or powders) Note: always crush tablet before adding to food or liquid mix.
Felines or small animals: make up 1 cup of mixture, adding approx. a pinch of some type of Green powder (alkaline powder) or Chlorella powder (cleansing of toxins) or 1/4 Teaspoons of Slippery elm powder (to mask the taste) with 1 teaspoon of herbs if you are having to also give herbal medicines (i.e. brown liquid)
Med to large animals: add twice to three times the amount.

DOSING: Feline or small animal: using an oral syringe draw up 1ml and gently small sips. Or add a teaspoon to meals if they don’t mind eating it with meals (mix well into food) Do not put in Fridge. Room temp is best as too cold is dislike by felines.
DOSING: Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat: try mixing well into food and hand piece before feeding main meals. Or dose same as suggested for felines, but add three times as much herbal medicines and vitamins to 1/2 cup of water or (unsweetened) apple sauce or apple juice.

What I do for example: If i was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to 1/2 cup of boiled hot water to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …. smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)

Slippery Elm Powder

If needing to add or use Slippery Elm powder

FOR CONDITIONS like …. diarrhea, stomach ulcers, or sore inflamed mouth or mouth ulcers, constipation, or IBS (i.e. colitis), plus it can also been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids.

CONVALESCING ..can been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids or not eating very well.
~ Add a small amount of powder to the mix to enough to make a runny liquid mix, if you put too much of the powder it will become thick and gluggy, if this happens you will need to add more liquid to it. Can add crushed vitamins and herbal medicines to this as well. OPTIONS: Oral dose in syringe or add to meals three times a day or more to maintain normal health again, then can stop or reduce frequencies.

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  • Marlene Hunter From Australia

    I have been giving this product to my dog for a few years, and it has kept him mobile and active. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It’s a great product.

  • Marlene Hunter From Australia

    I have been using the Hip Dysplasia drops on my 12 year old GS dog for several months, as he does have slight hip dysplasia. This product has helped him immensely with his mobility and he is able to walk and run quite freely and without pain.

  • Debbie Kinrade From United Kingdom

    Only just started using this product for my dogs dysplasia, but I feel that her mobility has improved since starting it.

  • Marlene Hunter From Australia

    The Hip Dysplasia product has helped immensely in keeping my German Shepherd mobile and pain free, as he does have hip dysplasia. He is happy to do what he loves best, which is playing with the ball.

  • Katie Worldon From Australia

    Is working well, my dog is not so stiff in the mornings.

  • Pamela Baggio

    We have found the joint hip dysfunction drops excellent. We noticed a change in our dog Buzz after a week. He is moving around with more ease and can get up the steps easier. If we miss giving him the drops we notice a difference. His back leg does’nt tremble as much also. We have also been giving him the joint support drops and they also help to make a difference. We are very happy especially after the traditional veterinary medications and injections did not seem to work.

  • Karen Blue From United States of America

    I have been using the products since January. In December Cingy was down for three days and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I made a trip to the veterinary and had some x-rays which showed some arthritis on her spine, mineral deposit and possible disc problem. I had a vet perform acupuncture on her as I had used on a pet in the past but she still had drunken like legs. I had three veterinarian’s opinions on her stating she should not be in the pain she was and sent me home with medications which I still have not used and to travel to Los Angeles for an MRI which cost $2000.00. I opted to contact Holistic Animal Medicine as I had used the products on another pet. I worked with Leanne during the holidays via email. I started with the Chemical Poisoning AN110 along with vitamin C to detox, then started the Joint Relief. I also received a complimentary Healthy Bones AN220 and a supplemental. I was worried that I was going on vacation and boarded Cingy for 15 days. The kennel administered the pellets and she was fine when I picked her up. Cingy is able to perform her normal activities, sometimes a few too many like jumping on the bed and into the car, but we are able to take our long walks everyday. Once again thank you Leanne and staff for all your help. Karen & Cingy Avila Beach, Ca

  • Customer Comment

    For the first time in years, Toby has been getting up with my husband and I first thing in the morning, with a smile on his face! And he’s only been on your hip dysplasia formula for a couple of days! Mary

  • Customer Comment

    Last week we had my sister’s 12 year old golden (Buster) staying with us. I wanted to share another success story. He has extremely bad arthritis amongst other things. My sister is basically trying to keep him happy and comfortable for as long as possible. They went on vacation for 9 days and we were to take care of him. It never occurred to me until he got here that he may not be able to get down the four steps that lead into our house. He fell twice trying and since he’s a fear dog by nature, he then wasn’t about to even try. My husband was having to carry him in and out. That would be no big deal except I’m not strong enough to lift him. My husband leaves very early in the morning (5:00 am) which of course is too early for Buster to have gotten his business done. So what were we going to do once we were past the weekend? As if it was meant to be, I ran across the bottle of Joint Dys that Diana had sent us once a long time ago for Hugs. After that we had gone with custom formulas so she never really used it. I thought, what the heck I might as well give it a try. I also gave him the remedy for fear that Diana had sent for Hank some time ago. Do you know within 24 hours he was running down the stairs all by himself (I should saying jumping). He seemed to decided it was just easier to jump over the top of them than figure out how to walk down them. I also noticed that his back legs that had been shaking when he was just standing in place, weren’t shaking anymore. We had no further problems. It goes without saying that Buster went back home with a present (a bottle of Joint Dys). Please feel free to share this story with Diana and let her know how thankful we are. Both remedies are ones she had sent along for free with different orders. Another happy ending. Teri

  • 9 reviews for HAMPL Large Joint 173 formula

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