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Stroke, Lliac Thrombosis, Aortic Embolism – diagnosed with or preventCode:

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  • Strokes Recovery or protection from.
  • Suitable for all animal species & age.
  • Can use in conjunction with drugs or remedies.
  • Lliac Thrombosis, Aortic Embolism
  • Approx. 600 drops in 30ml Bottle
  • Shelf life Several Years
Naturopathic formula Set of 3
1. HAMPL Stroke Recovery 266-1 30ml (1oz)
2. HAMPL Circulation Balance 266-2 50ml
3. ReMag Magnesium Liquid 30ml

* Also add a good pinch of the natural supplement “Rutin” which is a flavonoid, used to aid in venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, avoiding edema, swelling and pain. 

Warnings : Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Ischemic strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is blocked by a blood clot.
There are two major types of ischemic stroke : –

  •  Thrombotic strokes are caused when a blood clot forms in an artery leading to the brain.
  • Embolic strokes begin with a clot forming elsewhere in the body — such as the heart or neck — that breaks loose and travels to the brain.HAMPL Stroke 266-1 formula – is prevent blood clot in brain) along with Magnesium
    HAMPL Thrombosis 295 formula – is for blood clot (prevent or relief) in other parts of the body. e.g artery and heart and neck.


Strokes in our beloved pets are also called  “CerebroVascular Accidents” (CVAs)    or   “Transient Ischemic Attacks” (TIAs) depending on the type and severity of the event.

Similar symptoms may be seen in other types of brain injury as well as “Canine Vestibular Syndrome”

Pets with kidney problems, heart disease, cushing’s disease, diabetes or thyroid dysfunction are at higher risk for strokes.  Head trauma, tumors in the brain or tumors metastasizing to the brain and some congenital clotting dysfunctions may also contribute to canine strokes.This formula may assist with repair for all cases, age, and species.


Signs of an animal that has had a stroke include head tilt, a loss of balance and/or vision with circling and falling episodes.  

Unlike human stroke cases, facial weakness resulting in drooping of the eye or mouth is rarely seen in dogs.Head tilt and circling are generally considered to be the result of disorientation and dizziness rather than limb weakness.


What happens to cause a stroke.

A ruptured blood vessel or any type of bleeding into the brain can result in hemorrhagic stroke. An aneurysm, a sac or out pouching created in the weakened wall of a blood vessel, is a common place for a rupture to occur. In this type of hemorrhagic stroke, the blood may leak into the pet’s brain causing direct damage to brain tissue. The blood may also become trapped between the brain and the skull, resulting in pressure on brain tissue, which causes necrosis (or tissue death).


Iliac Thrombosis, Aortic Embolism, Saddle Thrombosis (e.g feline thrombosis)

Occurs in different forms in different species, all resulting in poor contractile function and cardiac chamber enlargement. The hypertrophic form is common in cats. Secondary forms of cardiomyopathy can stem from nutritional deficiencies, infections, drug reactions, metabolic problems, and tumors. The condition is characterized by sudden-onset paraplegia (hind quarter paralysis), usually with cold hind limbs and possibly cyanosis (blueness) of the skin. The precise cause is unknown but the condition has been associated with cardiomyopathy. The amino acid L-Taurine deficiency may be implicated. Change to a natural diet of raw meat which has a good supply of natural occurring Taurine powder in daily meals.


Support or prevention of damages of a stroke.

Magnesium –  People and Pets who consume the highest magnesium levels have remarkably lower incidences of coronary heart disease, stroke, avoiding high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, a new study reveals.  Download the PDF “HELP SHEET”

Plus add:

Rutin 500mg Capsule Supplement. NOW FOODS Brand

Med-Large dog – add the powder from one capsule, add one to every meal.
Small dog –  
add half the powder from cap in every meal.
Toy dog, cat –
1/4 cap in every meal.

Helps blood circulation. Traditionally, rutin has long been used to aid circulation. It’s thought that rutin can help strengthen and increase flexibility in blood vessels, such as your arteries and capillaries.  Strengthened blood vessels can improve your overall health. This may help ease related conditions, including bruises, spider veins, and varicose veins. There is also evidence that rutin can aid in treating hemorrhoids (which are caused by swollen veins) and recovering from hemorrhoid removal surgery.

Prevents blood clots.   Research shows that rutin can prevent the formation of blood clots in certain animals. This suggests rutin may reduce the risk of blood clots.

Preventing blood clots can help lower your chances of developing life-threatening conditions such as:

heart attacks
pulmonary embolisms
deep vein thrombosis




If you may see your pet circling to the left side, have some paralysis or general weakness, and dizziness. Recovery from strokes caused by the blood clot or tumors, blow to the head etc. Although this formula is a combination, when given to the patient, the homeopathic remedies that are needed will act as an “artificial” or ” like” illness that stimulates or jump-starts the vital force to react against the imbalance. Once the imbalance is corrected, the symptoms are no longer necessary and the disease state dissipates.

Once your pet is doing well again we can go onto the

2.  HAMPL Circulation Heart Balance 50ml drops” which will support and protect from further issues. Can give formula if on drugs for this condition already. This natural solution is very effective and supportive. As easy as stirring in a dose to meals if a feline or toy dog or for a canine this can be added to water dish every time you change water, and a little Magnesium in meals.

Note:  But if your pet has had a stroke, give them Potassium as well small amount of Magnesium and Potassium and Rutin in meals.

Non-Drug Prescription – Set of 3.  Naturopathics for all species and ages

Use as a prevention or repair – inconjunction with the mineral Magnesium supplement.

1. HAMPL Stroke Recovery 266-1  30ml (1oz) 
Energetic formula:
Arnica (Dilution: 4C, 6C, 10M) (aids blood flow and breaks down clot, all types of brain injuries & shock, vertigo worse when walking, cerebral congestion, strokes, hematoma, heart disorder)
Causticum (Dilution: 10M) (damages of a stroke – ie. may have paralysis of the right side of face, unsteady walking and easily falling, circling to the left, locomotor ataxia, heart disorder)
Gelsemium (Dilution:  30X,12C) (dizziness, trembling)
Baryta Carb (Dilution:  30X) (old age weakness, fatigue)
Cocculus (Dilution:  30C) (nausea)
(NAR) Circulation (Dilution: 50M) (protection of strokes, arteriosclerosis etc)
T.N.T nosode (Dilution: 12X) (vertigo, faintness, fatigue, lack of oxygen in blood)
Lathyrus (Dilution: 6X) ( paralytic, spastic paralysis)
Nicotinum (Dilution: 12C) (spasms, trembling, neck and back rigid)
Flower essences Aura Cleansing Cactus (Dilution: 6C)
Organ Sarcodes Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus (Dilution: 30X, 10M) (cleansing and rebuilding of tissue in brain)
Belladonna (Dilution: 6X, 200C) (vertigo – falling to left side or backwards, rheumatism, limbs-jerking or spasms in limb)
Cactus Grand (Dilution: 200C)  (lungs, heart, brain congestion, angina pectoris hemorrhages,  constricted chest,  mitral valve insufficiency)
Memory Brain (Dilution: 6C, LM26)
Aurum sulph (Dilution: 30C, 200C) (paralysis agitans)
Hamamelis (Dilution: 12C, 10M) (loss of blood – veins)
Aragallus Lam (Dilution: 1M) (paralysis with confusion)
Bryonia Alb (Dilution: 12C, 10M)  (stroke protection)
Gelsemium (Dilution: 10M)  (stroke protection, shock, grief, fear in anticipation)
Kali Mur (Dilution: 3X, 30X, 1M) (saddle thrombosis prevent or relief)
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

2. HAMPL Circulation Heart Balance 266-2  50ml 
Energetic formula:
Aconite (Dilution: 200C)
Arnica (Dilution: 200C)
Calc Flour (Dilution: 200C)
Nux Vomica (Dilution: 200C)
Hamamelis (Dilution: 200C)
Collonsonia (Dilution: 200C)
Carbo Veg (Dilution: 200C)
Carduus Mar (Dilution: 200C)
Rutin (Dilution: 200C)
Flour Acid (Dilution: 200C, 10M)
Organ support – vein tissue, veins, arterial tissues, capillaries, arteries, arterioles sarcodes (Dilution: 50M)
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

* Conditions support or prevention:  All circulation problems, heart disease, strokes, arteriosclerosis.   
Apply a dose of body up to 6 x daily if severe, otherwise, 3 x daily longer term for prevention ( add to drinking water and meals).

3. Magnesium (mineral) 50ml drops
Use for prevention of strokes and heart attacks for all species. 
~  Helps assist in bringing down high blood pressure to prevents … strokes and heart attacks.

Note:   If still recovering from a recent Stroke. hold off giving Magnesium for now as its possible they have low blood blood pressure still.    Wait 2-5 months before starting or once fully recovered.

General Dosing and Instructions Guide

For all species, size, and ages.


(a) “HOMEOPATHICS”are sold in either a clear liquid or tiny white pills or granules – both have no odour or taste)

Easy “application dosing” for all species:

  • Homeopathic DROPS (clear liquid) DRIP or APPLY 3 to 4 drops, pat into fur/skin with bottom of bottle. i.e. back of shoulder blades (not orally) which is regarded as one dose for all size species and ages. Note: Liquid homeopathics are more suited for feline, toy dog, fish, birds and other small species
  • Homeopathic PILLS (white pills) crush a pill (or whole) and add to gum/pouch of mouth to dissolve in saliva. Does not need to swallow it.
  • Homeopathic GRANULES (white grain) and a small light sprinkle or a pinch to meals, or stir into water trough or bowl.
    Casual repeat dosing can add to water bowl or feed dish or water trough for wildlife or farm animals.

Refer to Bottle Label for suggested frequencies repeat dosing needed per day.
the rule is one must “repeat a dose” more frequently with less time in between each application dose, which is more important than the amount given each time. Repeat application will provide

faster action.


(b) “HERBAL MEDICINES ” (brown liquid – strong odour & tasting)
”Application dosing” for all species and sizes:
Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat : add herbal drops (as recommended on bottle label) to some (unsweetened apple sauce or apple juice) for canines and oral syringe side of mouth. Can add other vitamins (crushed) Alkaline green powders etc. to mix.

Refer to Bottle Label for amount of drops per species size. e.g 60 drops = 1 teaspoon

What I do for example: If I was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to a small bowl add some boiled water (about a teaspoon) to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)



Giving vitamins and supplements (tablets or powders) Note: always crush tablet before adding to food or liquid mix.
Felines or small animals: make up 1 cup of mixture, adding approx. a pinch of some type of Green powder (alkaline powder) or Chlorella powder (cleansing of toxins) or 1/4 Teaspoons of Slippery elm powder (to mask the taste) with 1 teaspoon of herbs if you are having to also give herbal medicines (i.e. brown liquid)
Med to large animals: add twice to three times the amount.

DOSING: Feline or small animal: using an oral syringe draw up 1ml and gently small sips. Or add a teaspoon to meals if they don’t mind eating it with meals (mix well into food) Do not put in Fridge. Room temp is best as too cold is dislike by felines.
DOSING: Canine, equine, cow, sheep, goat: try mixing well into food and hand piece before feeding main meals. Or dose same as suggested for felines, but add three times as much herbal medicines and vitamins to 1/2 cup of water or (unsweetened) apple sauce or apple juice.

What I do for example: If i was needing to give herb treatments and/or vitamin supplements to feline or toy dog or other small animals – I add this herbal formula to 1/2 cup of boiled hot water to it so to dissolve the alcohol in it, let cool, then add what vitamins If needed (powder or crushed tab – a pinch) mixed in another 50ml of water, and oral syringe once a day or twice a day …. smear on a little “vegemite paste” (if cannot get Vegemite in your country, try fresh pate or slippery elm powder added can help mask the taste) around and on tip of oral syringe, as felines seem to real like the taste of this paste, but not too much as it is quite a strong taste)

Slippery Elm Powder

If needing to add or use Slippery Elm powder

FOR CONDITIONS like …. diarrhea, stomach ulcers, or sore inflamed mouth or mouth ulcers, constipation, or IBS (i.e. colitis), plus it can also been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids.

CONVALESCING ..can been given as a liquid meal given orally via syringe as it is highly nutritional (oral liquid feeding) for convalescing during illness when not eating solids or not eating very well.
~ Add a small amount of powder to the mix to enough to make a runny liquid mix, if you put too much of the powder it will become thick and gluggy, if this happens you will need to add more liquid to it. Can add crushed vitamins and herbal medicines to this as well. OPTIONS: Oral dose in syringe or add to meals three times a day or more to maintain normal health again, then can stop or reduce frequencies.

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