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06/01/2021 Posted By Admin

We have recently received a testimonial from one of our customers.
Whilst Teresa ( sparky’s carer) had provided us with a photo and fur sample, so we could do a distant consultation using the SCIO Biofeedback medical machine.

HAMPL Practitioners prescribing individual homeopathic remedies.

Snicky, 9th November
Snicky, 11th November

13th Jan 2020

Hi  Holistic Animal Remedies.

Thank you and your team for helping my Snicky.
I do not think that he would have pulled through with you. Look at the difference (images below) from when I picked him up at the vet a few months ago to last nights photo. I will be in touch again very soon.


What Happened?

9th November 2019
Since I contacted you, one of my cats is fine and the other ended up at the emergency vet and then to a specialist vet and now he is at another emergency vet. I think he has had every test on the planet and the vets are still scratching their heads figuring out what is wrong. His temp went over 40 so he is in a serious way poor little boy.  He has had a feeding tube inserted and I will pick him up today. When I have some results I will be in touch to see if there are any of your remedies which may help him.  Thank you.

11th November 2019
He has been on a lot of meds and had quite a few tests in which they had to knock him out, he looked like he was the walking dead when I got him back. He was given that much I have no idea now.  He was on 2 antibiotics, one antibiotic was Clindamycin (that’s what burnt his ears off) and Steroids and Anti-nausea and Appetite stimulant.
He was knocked out numerous times and was under so much stress, I did not think he was going to make it.

We love you guys and your homeopathic and herbal medicines!!