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Tooth Decay and Why?

The majority of Veterinarians have not studied or understood the importance of pet nutrition and chemical drug toxic reactions and this is a typical case study.

Here is what Dr.Richard Pitcairn’s DVM says about Tooth Decay in Animals.

Question: Why is there tooth decay in my animal when I have followed your suggestions as to diet, using a home prepared diet?

Answer: There are two major reasons why tooth decay occurs in animals and these are use of commercial foods and vaccination.

If you have been feeding a good quality home diet using raw meat and tooth decay still occurs, it is likely because your animal has been vaccinated in the past.  It is one of the side effects of vaccination that there will be decay with even the best of foods.

The type of decay is peculiar to vaccine influence, that is that it occurs at the juncture of the gums and the teeth, what are called neck lesions.

Though there can be other places affected and even looseness of the teeth as part of this syndrome, it is the presence of these neck lesions which tell me that the vaccines are responsible.

In these cases, the only solution, in terms of long term prevention of recurrence of the problem, is to give homeopathic treatment to that animal.

The vaccines in some will cause a permanent distortion of health, one that cannot be corrected by diet alone.