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TTouch Therapy

Animal Behaviour Therapies – Naturally!

Our Companion animals, whether working or house pets, absorb the emotional climate of the people of the house and their working environment.

Animals take negative energy or situations into themselves (like sponges) and thereby protect their people of the house. If the animal is stressed or ill, look into your lifestyle as well, and try to make changes for all concerned!

Both cats and dogs act as buffers between their people and the dangers and negatives of the world.

Humans are aware of this on a conscious level when a dog runs back into a burning house to save a child or puts herself between her person and an attacker and dies. The same scenario happens on an energy level daily although the humans involved may never be aware of it. The cat in a troubled family may manifest her guardian’s cancer, clearing the human’s aura and taking the disease into her own body.

Emotional level healing includes helping the pet to release the negative energy and emotions she has absorbed from her household, and having her own needs met in that household.

This clearing is done by first understanding what’s going on and then resolving it. A number of holistic methods work to release disease from the causative emotional body.

Animal Communications is one of the most important methods (metaphysical healing) we most often follow this healing and understanding with some Homeopathic drops, also if we see the animal in person we can show the pet’s guardian how to do the gentle body connecting Ttouches, all or one of the therapies help to alleviate the cause and activate healing straight away.

The human that the animal has bonded to must also heal!! 

… Release their emotional frustration’s and stress for fast successful healing.

Stress is the direct cause of eighty-five percent (or more) of human disease, and dogs and cats share and mirror human lives.

Displaying of Negative Animal Behavior!

There are FOUR (4) Instinctive behavior Categories that Dogs display –
when  feeling   Stressed!    Fearful!   or  Very concerned!

Freeze              Fight              Flight              Fooling around

What is Ttouch?

This is where Ttouch Therapy comes in, this unique touch technique can be used on  dogs, cats, and horses to resolve this habitual instinct responses, using a gentle and natural connecting touch therapy (so easy to do). We have used this therapy on all types of animals, as small as birds   and rabbits. It is non evasive, gentle and animals love it!!

NOTE :   This healing technique for pets is not the same as a pet massage or the healing reiki energy. You can apply the T touches everyday or only a couple of times a week is fine – no more than 5 minutes required ( max. of 5 minutes ONLY if animal is ill e.g. after surgery or very stressed )    Use T touches only after observing what your animals needs at the time, watch for changes and new responses, then work can be stopped on the animal, or you may need to work on another problem!

How Ttouch technique works.

The hand and arm should remain soft. Be aware of your breathing.

The Ttouch moves the skin rather than rubbing as a massage would. The intention is to activate neural pathways to the brain & to improve the function of the cells. When you affect the nervous system it also affects the muscle. With light, firm, slow, steady pressures the idea is to affect the nervous system and cells, not the muscles. When the touch is done properly (circles closed) it generates all four (4) brain – wave patterns in the animals receiving it, alpha, beta, theta, and delta.

E.g.  Normal daily activity uses the beta pattern, alpha is equivalent to human concentration or meditation, theta is deep trance, and delta is the Level below consciousness usually associated with sleep. Using the touch to stimulate the body cells and corresponding brain cells activates the brain and changes old habits and patterns.

For Example it enables the animal to think through rather than automatically reacting by instinct.

….So instead of the habitual fight or freeze, fooling around or flight response, the animal evaluates the situation – and calms down.

The faster beginning circles awaken the dog”s or cats body, and the slower that follow on allow deep relaxation, release muscle tension, deepen and enhance respiration, aid physical and emotional healing.


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