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06/01/2021 Posted By Admin
Inflammation and infection are signs of toxicities in the body.

We continually find the commercial pet food industry guilty of producing an inferior product compared to the normal, natural diet of the early carnivore. Instead of raw meat, with live vital energy force, and nutrients, we now have a product that is not only lacking in nutrition but actually contains many harmful chemicals damaging to the physiology of the body.

These toxins come from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides applied to the grains and vegetables, heavy metal contamination from water and soil, as well as the vaccinations, antibiotics, wormer, steroids and cortisone alike.

The adrenal gland is responsible for balancing blood sugar, response to stress, and inflammatory conditions.

The liver is the paramount organ in the body, it is not part of the endocrine system but is responsible for the health of the endocrine system and all other organs by its ability to detoxify all foreign chemicals.  It is part of the immune system and produces the bile necessary for the breakdown of fats.

  • Arthritis – the toxins go to the joints.
  • Renal failure – the kidneys can no longer function properly as a result of toxic overload.
  •  Liver failure – the liver cannot function because it is full of contaminants – cancers always start from the liver/weakness.
  • Liver damage is caused by the drugs we give them monthly, bi monthly and yearly.
  •  Breathing difficulty – the lungs are full of contaminants, causing oxygen deprivation among other difficulties.
    All of us know oxygen is paramount to health.
  • Tumors – the body is trying to push the toxins out of the body.  It has found a weakness in a particular tissue and now you see the tumor with your naked eye. Cysts result.
  •  Skin problems–the skin is the largest organ of the body, hence the first clues of toxic overload or reaction usually appear as skin problems and itching.
  •  Cancer–contaminated blood will cause irregular cells, which is how cancer is medically described.
  •  Ear problems – continual use of antibiotics and other toxic drugs will cause severe ear issues.
  •  Diabetes – the result of nutritional deficiencies.
  •  Epileptic seizures – reaction to chemicals.  In a pet that has a sensitivity to many chemicals, and the chemicals have reached the brain tissues.

Switching to a natural diet and only using natural (non toxic) products, is the beginning of the path to good health.

There is a very limited success with any kind of therapy until the body is detoxified and can maximally utilize the aerobic of homeopathy, herbs, vitamin supplements or other healing modalities.