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Yeast Infections

Importance of restoring and maintaining beneficial bacteria, the so-called “friendly flora” in the intestines. These bacteria are killed off by chlorine in your water supply, by drug anti-biotics, by preservatives in food and by alcohol, and by other factors.

When the beneficial bacteria are gone, “bad” bacteria, molds, and yeasts (also known as Candida) can then rage out-of-control.

Immune system overload, malnutrition, skin and ear problems, and many other problems shortly follow this.

Which are the most commonly seen animal health issues presented today.

Afflicted by candidiasis, the hidden curse.  Candiasis, an overgrowth of yeast (Candida) in the body, can be a key contributing factor in causing or worsening:

* Food allergies reactions
* Digestive problems   (causing as bad a symptoms as malabsorption syndrome)
* Sensitivity to tobacco and other odors
* Other immune-related disorders, yeast skin infection and ear infections!
* Headaches
* Depression
* Cancer
* Skin rashes, odour to skin, itching, red.
* Joint and muscle pain

The key to overcoming many such conditions is to undo the actions which caused them to occur in the first place, while restoring balance to the body.  E.G. just eating organic/natural Yogurt, daily for a min of least 12 months is still not enough.

The gastrointestinal tract’s balance of beneficial flora is most commonly disrupted by:

* Antibiotic usage
* Excessive sugar consumption (found in commercial pet foods and biscuits)
* Stress
* Drinking chlorinated water
* A diet consisting chiefly of processed tin foods
* Prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers
* A diet high in red meats or rich, fatty foods.

Many people and animals lack sufficient friendly bacteria in their digestive tracts, and are often overrun with unfriendly bacteria and yeasts at the same time.

These people – animals are in fact being simultaneously poisoned and starved (malnourished).

The effects of the imbalance of intestinal flora are all too often seen in the failing health and vitality of millions of middle-aged and elderly individuals.

However, if you have had antibiotics, a high stress level, have been exposed to chlorinated water, or have any of the signs or symptoms of ill health below, you may have a bacterial imbalance beyond the ability of such foods to resolve.

If you or your pet have symptoms of any of the below conditions:

* Chronic fatigue
* Frequent diarrhea
* Frequent intestinal gas
* Frequent constipation
* Poor immune response
* Chronic bladder infections
* Chronic vaginal infections
* Allergies to grass, pollen and foods etc
* Skin Issues
* Rapid onset of osteoporosis
* Vitamin B deficiencies
* Dairy product sensitivities
* Chronic bad breath

Once again the gut flora needs to be repair and restored.  So to maintain a healthy and strong immune system.
There are now many very effective pro biotic supplements available from you Health Food stores.   Discussion on what to use is suggested at end of subject on yeast healing relief.

A pet or human that has had any Antibiotics any time in their life, will need to be taking these flora immune building supplements for a min of 6 months.

Note: When ever needing Antibiotic treatment, consider using  “ HAMPL Infection Fighter” ( herbal formula )   or    “HAMPL Infection Clear 70 formula”   (homeopathic formula) which is more suited for small animals.   or  use  both treatments.

They have never let me down, even in the most acute sepsis type cases.

How to rid this YEAST infection

The fungal yeast is in your tummy to stay for decades… Once you get too much yeast it will not leave on its own. Not in a year, not in ten years, not in your lifetime.  And as long as it is there, it’s going to win sooner or later.  So here is what you can do for a animal who has had or still has skin allergies, ear infections, smelly odour or ever had antibiotics.

  1. First, kill the yeast. All this stuff is available at any health food store or on-line.
    To do that, get two bottles of  Olive leaf extract (herb liquid or herbal tea or powder from capsule) and take it for about two months. Add to daily meals – twice daily for min of 1 month.
  2.  Second, you need to restore the friendly bacteria. Don’t skimp on this part. Be sure you get a really excellent multi-strain probiotic. Note: You’ll want to keep giving or taking a good probiotic, ideally for the rest of your pet’s and your own life.  That’s because unlike 150 years ago, we rarely eat fermented foods any more. As I mentioned above, yeast and friendly bacteria compete for space. If you run low on your bacteria, the yeast can move back in.The third thing is to patch the holes left by the yeast. If you don’t patch them, you’ll end up with allergies, parasites running amok, and a whole lot more, all of it bad.
  3. Here is were the Glutamine powder will help which is an amino acid that aids in muscle repair and boosting the immune system and help to repair the intestinal lining. To do this, get yourself some Glutamine powder, mix a teaspoon in water for yourself  or  mix in your pet’s yogurt.   Twice a day.
  4. When yeast is overrunning us, our digestion often gets stressed, and it needs some help. You take those when you eat. They help to prevent bloating and discomfort.   Organic Apple Cider Vinegar –  helps INCREASE low stomach acid.  Having “low” stomach acid causes gastrointestinal issues, overgrowth of pathogens, malabsorption of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, protein and food sensitivities. Note:  to get confused with a acidic system that is often too acidic, this stomach acid in the gut is different to the rest of the bodies acidic levels.

In a nutshell here are all the supplements required to assist you or your pets back to better Health.

1. Olive Leaf Extract (herb) capsule –  2 caps (powder from cap) mixed in daily meals  or  40 drops 2 x daily in meals – for med to large dog.  A pinch of powder or 4 drops for Cat or Toy dog in meals.
* Use for 2 months

3. A good “Probiotic” supplement.
Highly recommend E.g. Probiotic 12 Powder (200Billion CPU’s). If too strong (produces loose stools) go back to a 25 Billion CPU’s strain Probiotic for 2 weeks, then go to the Probiotic of the 200 Billion CPU’s strain.
* Use for 2 – 3 months

4. Glutamine amino acid powder  – 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon  twice daily (med to large canines)  a pinch for toy dog.  Leave out for felines.
* Use for 2 months

5. Add 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to every meat meal given for animals.  (2-3 drops for cats or toy dog, small animals).  * Use for  1 – 2 months.

For pets and human can mix in all powders to some plain good (suger free) yogurt from healthfood store and take twice daily.    (can oral syringe mixture for animals)  or  mix in a tin of plain sardines in spring water.